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  • (reserved)

    I would like to put forward several suggestions to improve castle age. I like to think of this as a good deal more than simple wish-listing, but rather ideas to improve the player experience for a wide spectrum of player types and lay the groundwork for a long game life-span. Most of it just common sense, or an extension of existing ideas.

    I've only been playing for a few months but I think it is a fantastic game (best of the browser based games like it I've played), but it does have some glaring flaws and imbalances that need to be addressed. Problems aside though it is a good game, and worth paying a little for here and there (yes I am a paying customer, I understand content development costs money so if I want the game to be better, I have to be willing to pay for it). I've been playing RPG's, Multiplayer games and MMO's for a long time, so I have a decent understanding of the importance of game balance, and how big a deal imbalance and lack of progression is to long term players.

    I've broken down the comments into the various areas of the game where it has issues, where it can be improved, and where I have a few ideas that I feel would make this great game even better. I'll likely have to spread it over multiple posts, so please keep reading .

    Monster Actions, misc stuff
    Primarily this section focuses on removing the disparity between energy and stamina based users on the PvE front, but also a few other areas too:

    -- A - Allow defensive actions to critically heal/dispel/cripple etc.

    -- B - Include all defensive activity in the total for earning gold medals

    -- C - Increase the amount of defensive activity needed on future bosses dramatically. Alpha Bahamut / Azriel are decent for a high energy person at level 200ish, Red Plains and Alpha Meph are a total joke. 3000 Energy at 1 defense should be the absolute minimum for the next 300+ boss. Give high energy players a chance to shine, and make monster groups want them on board.

    -- D - Add larger increments for actions based on either stat. ie. Allow 50 stam/100 energy when you reach either 1000 energy or 500 stam, not just at 500 stam.

    -- E - Add all the larger attacks to older bosses, all of them!

    -- F - Add another tier of action sizes for high level players, 100 stam / 200 energy.

    -- G - When summoning add a delayed summon option and let the user specify a time at which the event will begin. Players can click to link to add their name to the list wanting to join at the cost of 5 stamina, and summoner can then reject excess members from each level bracket before the event begins. When the timer starts, each attacker automatically gets their starting hit in. Also add an option to start the event immediately if the summoner is happy with the positions filled so far.

    -- H - Apply critical strike chances to pvp, dealing double and even triple damage to opponents and earning more points.

    -- I - Revamp the apprentice system. Increase the apprenticeship cap to level 20 for accepting invites. You can power through to level 10 in the first few hours of play and you can't even see the start up page with info about the system before then. Additionally, automatically remove apprentices after 60 days or when they reach level 100. The apprentice system was a good way to encourage people to rope in their friends to play the game - I know thats how I started myself, my brother wanted an apprentice to get Darius - so free up those slots and let people bring their friends in. If giving out too many FP is an issue replace the rewards with something else, but definitely do something to encourage players to keep bringing their friends into the game.
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    2 - Items

    -- A - Review all monster loot and introduce an even progression of quality in both rares and epics. It makes no sense that regular Bahamut drops better spells than Alpha Mephistopheles, Genesis drops better weapons than Azriel (and on par with Alpha Meph./Red plains for total stats), a Red Plains blue weapon is better than an Azriel Epic weapon, Alpha Meph drops pieces of epic armour worse than just about anything from Skaar upwards etc. Fine some lower bosses offer better for attack or defense than the newest thing, but the disparity is massive and a severe detriment to our enthusiasm for the newest content.

    -- B - Reduce/Remove the glaring difference in item budget between rings, belts, capes etc. vs. chest armour given they all occupy the same slot on our characters - OR - the greatly preferred option of creating additional gear slots for all these other pieces. This gives the flexibility of allowing different item budgets for all these types, maintaining the full flavour of a variety of gear, giving people 50% more types of items to seek out, and giving greater flexibility in boss design when spreading out the next wave of loot over coming encounters. Also, 2 ring slots would extend things further and make it feel more in line with other fantasy games.

    -- C - Increase the number of maximum loots obtainable on bosses, from Gildamesh through to Alpha Meph. Even if each additional epic takes a cumulatively increasing amount to achieve, and legendaries subtracting a substantial amount from this, it would make large stamina/energy investments more appealing to higher level players vs. spreading themselves around - meaning more bosses dying reliably and more players satisfied with their game time. Knowing that I'm not getting anything extra for my efforts detracts from my desire to contribute further to a boss I'm fighting.

    -- D - Add additional types and sizes of potions. Temporary attack, crit chance & defense potions, add stamina potions to boss loot tables, and introduce sizes of potions ranging from +10 to +500. The largest of these could even take up the bonus rare and epic slots after the 3-loot cap is reached. This also ties in with demi gods, assiging each type of potion to the respective demigod.

    -- E - Improve the way loot is handled for lower level players on higher level bosses. Reduce the requirements for rare/common loot to give them something for their work.

    -- F - Rearrange the level brackets on future bosses to allow specific amounts of higher level brackets.

    -- G - Add set items to every hero. There are loads of items in game it shouldn't be hard to link some together. There are even some in game that just don't make sense not to be linked, like 'Artanis' and 'Shield of Artanis'.

    -- H - Add some extra uses for Hellstones, Alpha Bahamut Artifacts etc. Even if just an Alchemy recipe for Potion + Hellstone = Legendary Potion.

    As a generalised formula think of it like this.

    Lets take Skaar as the base line for items, then rate each boss by a percentage of where their items should fall relative to Skaar's. Numbers are mostly for the sake of displaying the concept, but shouldn't be too far off realistic values.

    Gildamesh ------- 25%
    Green Dragon ---- 30%
    Stone Colussus -- 40%
    Green Serpent --- 40%
    Blue Dragon ----- 50%
    Sylvanas -------- 60%
    Sapphire Serpent- 65%
    Mephistopheles -- 70%
    Gold Dragon ----- 70%
    Amethyst Serpent- 75%
    Kiera ----------- 80%
    Red Dragon ------ 85%
    Lotus ----------- 90%
    Ancient Serpent - 90%
    Skaar ----------- 100%
    Cronus ---------- 100%
    Dark Legion ----- 100%
    Genesis --------- 110%
    Ragnorak -------- 115%
    Bahamut --------- 120%
    Red Plains ------ 120%
    Alpha Bahamut --- 120% (plus addition of legendaries)
    Azriel ---------- 130%
    Alpha Meph. ----- 135%

    Additionally lets add a stat weighting per item type, using main hand weapons as the base:

    Main Hand - 100%
    Off Hand -- 95%
    Helm ------ 90%
    Neck ------ 95%
    Hands ----- 45%
    Cloak ----- 50%
    Body ------ 100%
    Ring ------ 40%
    Belt ------ 40%
    Spell ----- 50%
    Soldier --- 110%

    Furthermore, stats are scaled with item quality:

    Common ---- 40%
    Rare ------ 70%
    Epic ------ 100%
    Legendary - 125%

    Following a formula like this you would see even, steady progression across all bosses and item types, keeping everyone always wanting something off the new bosses, epecially with items weighted towards attack or defense. Add 5-10% every tier and add new combinations of stat weightings, varied drop types per boss, and would see a much stronger interest in the newer bosses.

    What would this look like in stat numbers?

    Skaar Epic Weapon - 50 points (his shield converted into a main hand weapons's budget)
    Red Plains Weapon - 60 points (30/30) vs 25/25
    Azriel Weapon ----- 65 points (32/33) vs 16/16
    Alpha Meph Weapon - 68 points (40/28) vs 30/20
    A. Meph Legendary - 85 points (43/42) vs 35/35

    See how that makes more sense? hard boss = better items every time, the way it should be.

    Potion Examples -

    Energy Potion - +10 (basic)
    Greater Energy Potion - +20 (uncommon)
    Super Energy Potion - +50 (rare)
    Mighty Energy Potion - +100 (epic)
    Supreme Energy Potion - +500 (legendary)

    Stamina goes 5/10/25/50/250
    Attack/Defense goes 20/50/100/200/1000 for 10 attacks/battles. Not cumulative
    Crit goes 5%/10%/20%/50%/100% for 3 actions. Legendary also guarantees x3 crits.
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      -- A - Introduce more random quest items. One of the quest areas I found the most fun was Underworld, because while building up gold and advancing quests there was a hero to assemble. Heros & items to assemble are a great extra bit of fun.

      -- B - Add an extra tier to all quests, available only when an entire zone is completed and the boss fight defeated (maybe even require a gold medal). Completing all these unlocks a new special mission for additional bosses (see below). The story could even be updated on these to reflect the world post-mephistopheles' invasion.

      -- C - An obvious one, but add a boss to the Atlantis quest group, and extend the area there when ya get some time

      -- D - Make sure each quest zone adds at least one extra hero. Heaven and Ivory City were really epic places to take the Castle Age quest series, but having no new hero was a bit of a let down.

      -- E - Keep doing what your doing with the higher level quest requirements. I found the item/unit requirements were a good pacing mechanic, but for the next round I would request that it isn't just an extension of more of the same Obsidian gear. A purchased spell would be nice for variety.

      -- E - Reassess the total energy needed for quests - the land of water and demon realm quests are the worst offenders here. Some of the quests just require an obscene amount of clicks to complete. I would suggest that no quest need more than 12-15 clicks to complete, any more and the progress per click is just so small its frustrating rather than fun. Some kind of compensation for those who have already finished it would be in order.

      -- F - Look over the xp per quest rewards for the all areas. No quest should be below 1.2 xp per energy, and aim for an average per block of 3 for 1.4-1.5. 1:1 quests are just terrible, especially when they require 15-20 clicks each. In addition the xp:energy ratio of the new epic quests is pretty abyssmal for the huge investment needed to complete them (aside from the rewards themselves also not being enticing, hero aside). If this was done some kind of compensation should be awarded to players who already finished these areas, something like energy potions to make up the difference etc.


      -- A - Introduce additional medium to high level bosses from the end of level 5 questing (see above). New bosses (demonic horde instead of Meph in the land of water), reimagined old ones (Gildamesh the Risen, Obsidian Colussus etc.), or even just 'Alpha' versions would be a great move to reintroduce small group play. I know I play this game because of a small group of friends, and though large boss battles are fun, the odd small group battle is good too for just friends to join. Difficult fights for their level, decent rewards, and maybe even an alchemical recipe requiring parts from all of them for either some nifty item or the next big boss. Despite its age and simplicity Lotus remains a good fight in a sense because you know everyone has to pull their weight, you just don't get that with bigger bosses.

      -- B - Rework the way dragons and some older bosses assign loot. It is very broken that they are based on power attacks and not damage done. Also look at the way they assign epics/rares for activity, it feels way off what it should be to get more than 1 epic. The incentive to deal extra damage just isn't there.

      -- C - On the topic of rehashed old bosses, Alpha Serpents, Elder Dragons etc. would be a nice move especially to give a challenge to high level people looking to get their Atlantis required items. A new item to combine from each of their loot tables would also be a great feature.

      -- D - Allow monster multi-classes like ranger and warlock on older bosses.

      -- E - Introduce another 1-2 status effects. Something like the boss deals +100% damage for 8 hours if failed, the party deals +10% damage for 8 hours if passed -- damage & healing reduced by 20% for 8 hours if failed, all actions refund 10% of their cost for 8 hours if passed. etc.

      -- F - Combine the mana shield and health bar mechanics in the same fight for something truly difficult on the next boss. Maybe even make the dispeller its own class.

      -- G - Scale damage received by the party with the level bracket of the attacker. It discourages lower levels from participating when they do more damage to the party than they deal. And on that top, add additional level brackets. A 250+ Bracket would be idea I think.

      -- H - Once again, think long term. Increase monster class levels to level 10 or even 20, add bonuses other than attack, and vary them between classes. Attack, defense, cost of attacking, cost of defending, crit chance, damage taken when you attack, generic stat points to spend etc. are all possible rewards. Give stronger specific bonuses to pure classes and weaker, generalised bonuses to multi classes.

      -- I - Include a Tactics option on future soldier-count bosses, I think it was a good move to encourage the pvp players to monster hunt more.

      -- J - One thing I think that should be expanded on is the multi-stage encounters like the Deathrune Siege for PvE players. Something like a soldier-count style boss followed by a big boss would be cool.

      -- K - Finally, a good addition to the game would be rare bosses. That is, those that are very difficult to summon. ie. Each Elder Dragon drops an item (epic or legendary), with all 4 required to summon 1 uber boss. A second part to this would be to make them very large, difficult bosses with a big player cap so whole guilds can participate. Make them big events, something special and rare people really look forward to.

      Examples (not a complete list):

      Gildamesh the Risen - Risen from the grave by orcish necromancers, Gildamesh returns to wreak havoc in the Land of Fire.

      Level 120+
      50m Health, 72 hours
      2 Siege weapons (30/60 clicks, 40% health)
      25 level 100+ slots, various below that.
      Uses health bar mechanic
      Loot on par with Skaar x 1.1
      Drops set items for the Orc King

      Lotus Ravenmoore, Archangel of Death
      Level 300+
      100m Health, 48 hours
      1 Siege weapon (60 clicks, 20% health)
      20 level 150+ slots, various below that.
      Next gen boss, high damage returned
      Loot on par with Skaar x 1.55

      Skaar Hellrune, Demon of the Depths
      Level 300+
      500m Health, 72 hours
      3 Siege weapons (50/100/200 clicks, 40% health)
      35 level 200+ slots, various below that.
      Next gen boss AND mana shield
      Loot on par with Skaar x 1.7

      Alpha Serpents

      Green --- 100+, 1.1 Loot
      Sapphire- 150+, 1.3 Loot
      Amethyst- 300+, 1.5 Loot
      Red ----- 450+, 1.7 Loot

      A legendary from each, plus something from the Atlantis boss, needed to summon an uber Kraken boss (600+). Big bonus for the summoner.

      Elder Dragons

      Green --- 100+, 1.1 Loot
      Blue ---- 150+, 1.3 Loot
      Gold ---- 300+, 1.5 Loot
      Red ----- 450+, 1.7 Loot

      A legendary from each, plus Alpha Bahamut Artifact and item from Skaar Hellrune, needed to summon Omega Bahamut (undead dragon, 600+). Big bonus for the summoner. Also Dragon Helm v2 from elder dragons.

      Likewise finish off the quartet of elemental bosses, add in their Alpha versions, then add a huge elemental boss summoned by combining their rare items.

      (Atlantis Boss) 120+
      Return of the Dark Legion - 300+
      Cronus, Heart of the World - 450+
      Alpha Genesis - 300+
      Alpha Ragnarok - 300+
      Carnage on the Red Plains - 450+
      Omega Bahamut - 600+
      Kraken of the Deep - 600+
      (Elemental Lord) - 600+
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        -- A - Add a duel x 5, Invasion x 5 button. Just as matter of convenience. Make sure its available on the screen after a single duel/invasion too. Display the results in the form of round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, not just a 5x effect from a single battle calculation.

        -- B - The war pvp style was a good addition to offer something that appealed to both PvP and PvE players, but I think it could be better. Expanding the equipment slots is one thing (see 'items' above), but also I think its about time the ranks got extended again. A 'War x 5' button would be nice as well.

        -- C - Introduce a new PvP style for 200+ - Conquest (Invasion x 10). Something along the lines of what war did for dueling. Even if just a 1000 unit capacity invasion format with a new rank ladder, it would reinvigorate pvp somewhat. It might be worth a seperate tab window for War/Conquest from Duel/Invasions to avoid clutter. Definitely with a new ladder to keep things fresh and in demand. On that note, I would give some thought to seperating the ladder for Invasions and Duels. Aside from giving players more PvP rewards to work towards it allows people who excel at one to really shine without suffering losses from not being so great at the other. Splitting battle points between the two would be easy enough, just split they by the ratio of invasions won : duels won. 4 pvp ladders going all way to rank 21 would breath new life into CA's PvP crowd for a long time to come.

        -- D - Add at least 50% BP gain during Raid events, and a decent chunk gained at the end of the event (even more if you stuck it out for both). Make the end result around 75% of what the victories should have been on their own to give PvP'ers solid reasons to participate.

        -- E - Introduce a new Raid encounter incorporating the War and Conquest mechanics as well as Duel and Invasion. Award a mix of gear, Battle Hearts, Battle Points, War Points and Conquest points at the end - maybe even make it a 3-stage encounter with an extra juicy reward at the end for players active in all 3 stages.


        -- A - Increase the level cap on all generals to 10, with levels after 4 unlocked every 25 player levels, up to level 250. This will dramatically extend the list of short-term goals players have. I know that I had maxed out every hero I owned by level 180 or so, maybe earlier, and I owned all the quest ones plus several from chest/alchemy. An increase of this magnitude would be well received. For some generals simple extensions of their abilities will work fine, but others will need additional attributes, cooldown abilities or secondary effects baked in. Add an additional special bonus at level 10, make people want to get their on all their hero's regardless of which they use most of the time.

        -- B - Add at least 2 set items for every hero, preferably 3-4 especially for hero's from the chests. In many cases these can simply be existing items linked to heros. Some can even share items feasibly. I'd be quite happy to see top end, hard to get hero's with a compliment of 7-10 equally hard items to attain. This gives players a wide variety of small goals to attain for their favourite heros, War council line up, or another way to improve their invasion team once they hit the item/unit cap. A 4th set item from boss loots for Oracle Special generals would be a nice touch as well.

        -- C - Reassess the effects of current generals. Some are woefully inadequate despite being difficult to attain, or simply clones of another easier to get general. As a minimum each general should have a positive stat effect of +2 points per level, any negatives should add to the positive proportionately. Rare/Epic Chest heroes, Oracle specials and hard to get ones should even be higher. Yes there should be progression from low end to high end generals, but the current set up only has absolutely useless vs. extremely good generals. You get one decent one early on and don't change it for a given purpose until much later, and only then if lucky with chests - basically everything else is invasion fodder.

        -- D - Keep up the work on the weekly gifts to make set items, but use it as a chance to mix things up a little. Add alchemy recipes that combine parts from 2 or 3 different weapons to make new set items, or use different quantities of one weapons items to make armour, a spell etc.

        -- E - Expand on the reinforcement system. Add a new set of items every 50 levels, all the way up to level 500. This would be a good way to reintroduce some of the discontinued heros for new players, like Angelica and Elin, and it encourages more people to rope their friends into playing CA.

        See the linked spreadsheet for suggestions on the hero system.
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          -- A - Add new types of land for after level 100, even if only 1 extra typeevery 100 levels. Example - lv200 = chance of energy potion, lv300 = attack potion etc. This might sound like a lot of types, but at level 270 after playing for barely 2 months I've maxed out on most buildings and half way on the last 3, on top of having purchased all the quest materials for Ivory City and hundreds of each pvp reward up to the archangel. Even with the increasing cap/costs I'll hit the max in another month or so I imagine, which isn't encouraging for long term play. Always keep people busy with more to achieve.

          -- B - The dwarven mine could use an improvement in its loot table, and scale the gold prize with your total income, maybe 20% of it. Also adding favor points into the loot table would be a very popular move, even if only a very small chance.

          -- C - Add extra incentives to purchase land beyond more gold for meeting quest requirements or pvp rewards. For example, offer a bonus that is active only while you have the maximum available for that land type and scaling with level in some cases:

          - Small Tower - +1% crit chance (scales on its own really)
          - Temple - +100% demi points gained from battles & monsters per 50 levels
          - Marketplace - +100% gold from gained from battles & monsters per 50 levels
          - Mountain Keep - 10% chance to reduce damage taken by 50% to you and your party when attacking or when attacked.
          - Castle - 5% chance of bonus attack equal to your level when attacking.
          - Lake Fortress - 5% chance of bonus defense equal to your level when defending and when attacked.
          - Sky Sanctuary - 5% chance for any quest, battle, war, invasion, monster action etc. (ie everything) to refund all energy or stamina used.
          - Elven Sanctum - Higher levels produce larger stamina potions.
          - Dwarven Mine - 3 rolls per hour.

          Heroes, Blacksmith, Magic, Soldiers

          -- A - Group the purchasable heroes into collapsable boxes by zone, with fully purchased groups collapsed by default. This would clean up the page considerably when buying later heroes.

          -- B - Consider adding some very expensive, single purchase unique items & units for people to work towards, preferably set items for heroes. It would make it easier to push out more items for heroes sooner without just adding more stuff to monster tables or new gift items. One of each type unlocked with each questing zone would be a good target.

          -- C - Start using more of the hard to get or unique units as set bonuses for heroes. It would add a good amount of flavor and would ease the burden of finding items to link to each hero given how many of them there are.

          Demi Gods

          -- A - The demi god system is pretty good as is, it keeps people coming back daily and offers a gradual unlocking of nice sub stories, but I think it could be better. Think long term - extend the reward lists up to 25000 demi points or more.

          -- B - Add in different potion types and sizes, 2+ FP's at a time for higher demi point levels, and item rewards (or even heroes) that are fit for players 300+. Now that all demi gods are also generals, including item sets for them through very high demi-point rewards would be an excellent move.

          -- C - A 2nd set of demi quests would also be great. The random items from these could be alchemical ingredients, requiring some from each demi god to reward long term players.

          -- D - Increase the number of demi points that can be earned by pvp based on the character level. A good amount might be +1 maximum per 10 levels. This would encourage more pvp from casual pvp'ers and help keep it alive at higher levels.

          -- E - Increase the number of demi points earned from monster kills and higher stamina/energy actions. A 50 stam attack should generate 10x as many demi points as a 5 stam attack.

          -- F - Make sure the chance to earn points is the same between stamina and energy based actions.

          -- G - Review the demi-point item rewards. There are glaring diffences in item quality, and though I understand Aurora giving an incredible reward, the Azeron reward is far beyond anything else in game while others have items worse than Skaar loot at the same demi-points level.


          -- A - An obvious one, but actually add achievements and a kill counter for every type of monster. The gradual 5-10-25 type would be preferred, but even just some recognition for killing them en masse would be nice. This certainly isn't the only incentive to kill them, but its a really great feature of any game. The rewards don't have to come in the form of stat/favor points either, it could be items, heroes, large amounts of gold or demi points, potions, land, units, chests (as a consumable with results the same as a FP chest) etc.

          -- B - Add higher levels to monster kill achivements. Big achievements, enough so no one will run out of things to work towards.

          -- C - Add additional PvP achievements. 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000 duels/invasion. Massive numbers yes, but its always good to give people something to work towards no matter how crazy it may seem.

          -- D - Add achievements for winning X number of Wars/Conquests, or add these in x10 increments to the invasion/duel counters.

          -- E - Fix the 'Invasion/Duel x 5' from the Deathrune Siege not counting towards 5 victories.

          -- F - Add additional winning streak achievements, but limit them to player initiated battles, not when defending. Including defense for long streaks would make them too hard. Also limit them to targets within 2 ranks down from you to keep it challenging. ie. "Initiate and win 25 consecutive Duels against players no more than 2 ranks below you". I think this should extend as high as a 100 winning streak. Additional achievements could be of the type "defeat X different opponents in X consecutive duels/invasions/wars/conquests". A similiar approach could be taken for defense oriented achivements too - Win the next X battles when you are attacked.

          -- G - Where a monster has an 'Alpha Monster' type, include that in the same achievement as the main monster. ie. Bahamut Slayer includes Alpha Bahamut. Similar groups of monsters can be included together too for an alternate mix.

          -- H - Most importantly there needs to be much larger achievements for siege assists, with good rewards to help encourage more goodwill on the weapon clicking front. 5/10/25/50/100/250/500/1000/2500/5000/10000/25000/50000/100000 would be ideal, something so huge no one would feasibly reach it within a year unless they did nothing but click assists.

          --I - Monster Class achievements would be good as well. Either "Reach level 5/10 in class X", "Reach level X in all classes" (one every level) or "Level up in monster classes X times" (counter spread across all class levels). The first option is probably the easiest for players to follow and work towards.

          Examples: all with 5/10/25/50/100 count achivements

          Serpents & Dragons (both versions)
          Genesis & Alpha Genesis
          Bahamut & Alpha Bahamut
          Ragnarok & Alpha Ragnarok
          Red Plains & Dark Legion (both versions)
          Azriel & Dark Azriel
          Alpha Meph & Skaar Hellrune
          Gildamesh v2 & Colussus v2
          Kiera v2 & Lotus v2
          Deathrune Siege & Skaar Deathrune
          Omega Bahamut, Kraken of the Deep & The Abyss

          Meph-3 kill achievement
          All pre-skaar ones stay the same.
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            Favor Points

            -- A - Adjust the drop rate the be slightly more proportionate to damage done. This will help reduce taggers hoping to deal 500k all over the place for FP, and give more consistent rewards to the people who stick with monsters - these are the people that make the monster side of CA an enjoyable experience, you want to make them feel rewarded.

            -- B - Adjust the FP costs for general's gear. It just doesn't make sense that the items for a general cost almost as much as a new general. Also you would see a lot more people buying up whole sets if there was a discount for buying the entire set in one hit - ie. a "Buy All" button on the monthly special, giving 10-20 FP off the total cost. Additionally and overall improvement in their item quality would be in order.

            -- C - Add a very small chance per invasion/duel/war etc. to earn FP, proportionate to the cost per pvp attack vs. the average cost needed to earn FP from a monster.

            -- D - Add an option to purchase an attribute reassignment, with a cooldown of 30 days or so to prevent abuse. This would be a high demand feature I'm certain. Stats gained from demi powers shouldn't be reassignable for obvious reasons, but I'd hope there was some kind of tracking in place for how many times they have been activated, and even if not an approximate formula would be sufficient as long as the stats left behind were the same. Something like:

            DemiBonusStats = TotalStats - (LevelBonusStats + PvPBonusStats + MedalBonusStats + QuestBonusStats etc.) - Level10BaseStats

            RemainingEnergy = (AmbrosiaDemiPoints / TotalDemiPoints) * DemiBonusStats + Level10BaseEnergy

            That is to say, deduce the stats gained from demi points by removing everything else, then assign them based on each demigods percentage of total Demi points. Not perfect, but close enough if there is no built in tracking and it would unlock a very valuable (and lucrative) feature.

            It might have some implications for PvP, but I think any risk is worth the awesomeness of the feature and the extra FP usage it would bring.

            -- E - Item rewards in chests, and most of the heroes as well, just aren't good enough given the cost and randomness of it. A rebalancing of attributes would be in order - see the hero and item suggestions.
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              Last but not least a spreasheet file detailing examples of what I mean:

     --- open office version

     --- excel version

              yes thats a tonne of info, and I may be a little crazy on some points (damn you insomnia and OCD), but after reading it all ask yourself if CA would not be a better game because of it?
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                (reserved for smart-ass comment to ninja smokey)

                Edit: Wow... so many words...
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                  Originally posted by VersionsOfViolence View Post
                  (reserved for smart-ass comment to ninja smokey)
                  hahaha..holy poop that is alot of changes..might as well make a new game
                  Chimوra/Want some ~ٱИҚ~ ??


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                    might as well create a new game

                    i'll nitpick this
                    the final goodbye has come


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                      1A - Agreed.
                      1B - I think the current system is fine, then again I'm an attack build. Either way...
                      1C - Energy is constantly needed throughout the battle, so I don't see a point in raising the requirements.
                      1D - Meh... use the links.
                      1E - Yeah, I wanna do a 150 Stam hit on Orc King. Not.
                      1F - It'll probably happen sooner or later.
                      1G - You can already sent FB Invitations ahead of time to let people know, and to see who all wants to join. Doing it ingame is kinda pointless.
                      1H - Yes, because sometimes people really need to die.
                      1I - I wouldn't mind additional Apprentice slots, but my Apprentices are all at or close to level 100 now.

                      2A - It's important that each monster have a reason to continue fighting them. No review of loot is necessary.
                      2B - DOn't see this as a problem.
                      2C - Each monster has a max number of Epic slots available, with each unlocking at a certain point. Again, I don't have a problem with the current system.
                      2D - I wouldn't mind seeing this implented.
                      2E - Nope. Lower level players need to have goals. Otherwise there's no point in climbing levels.
                      2F - We just need more brackets. Level 300+ with 20 to 25 slots.
                      2G - They're working on it.
                      2H - Nah.

                      3A - Maybe as they introduce more Quests, but no point in adding new stuff to places so many have already finished.
                      3B - Now you're just being greedy for SP's
                      3C - Finish Atlantis??? NEVER!!!!
                      3D - Agreed, more free Generals would be greatly appreciated.
                      3E - Nope. It is what it is.
                      3F - Again, nope. This would be great for new players, and screw over most of us that have been doing this a while.

                      Monsters (Again)
                      A - Meh, I'd rather see new stuff than Alpha Old stuffs. I'd cry if they made Alpha Keira, needing an Alpha Demon Strength.
                      B - Actually, I think Dragons are the most balanced for loot drops, enabling lower level players to get good loot, and requiring more out of higher level players, who tend to farm these for FP's or HoDP alchemy items.
                      C - No more Alpha Nuthin... Gimme new stuffs.
                      D - I don't see a point in this really. 1st Gen monsters only require healing, not specialized classes. Needs to stay that way.
                      E - That's just lunacy.
                      f - That would be interesting, but would require a hella lot more Energy than even current 2nd Gens. Not sure I'm interested.
                      G - Retaliation Damage seems to be fairly in line with the Attack Damage done. Or maybe I'm missing something?
                      H - You have no idea how they're thinking... Let's just get the bugs fixed for now, ok?
                      I - If there is a future solider count boss, I'd expect it to have tactics, or whatever mechanic is en vogue at the time.
                      J - Meh.
                      K - Now that could be interesting.

                      Dammit there's more???


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                        A - Meh... you start screwin with PvP and you'll get lynched.
                        B - Ranks will probably be extended... give them time.
                        C - I'll have to think on that one. Invaders are generally Monster Hunters anyway, so I'm not sure they'd (we'd) be all that interested in another form of PvP.
                        D - Don't go screwin with Raids either.
                        E - Meh. Raid Wars? Yeah, I wonder how many times that one will be summoned....

                        A - The generals were designed for 4 levels; adding more levels would just screw things up, bad. Level 10 Solara: Turns 5000% Max Energy into Stamina.
                        B - Didn't you already say this? They're adding Items for the Generals, just slowly. Be patient.
                        C - All current Generals are fine, and can be revamped a little with items. No need in reinventing the wheel.
                        D - The gifts are either to create Items for Generals, or to create the summoning orbs for Monsters. That's really all it is anymore.
                        E - I Don't know about every 50 levels, but the occassional Reinforcements would be nice. Moar stuffs!

                        Dear God there's another page.

                        A - Yeah, it's about time for a new land I think.
                        B - Yup, more stuff needed in the Dwarven Mine too. Kobo likes a variety of shinies you know.
                        C - You're really pushing it.

                        Heroes, Blacksmith, Magic, Soldiers
                        A - meh
                        B - Meh. I like the Generals' Items being loot & gifts. The system works as it is.
                        C - Huh?

                        Demi Gods - this oughtta be good.
                        A - It probably is about time to add additional rewards.
                        B - I'm not particular about what the rewards are, just gimme moar stuffs.
                        C - Meh. 2 new Quests per Demi from the new Reward Tiers is plenty.
                        D - 10 a day is fine. Higher level players can get an unlimited amount of random demi points from Monsters.
                        E - Now you're asking too much.
                        F - I think it is?
                        G - The Sword of Redemption will be retired as BIS soon enough, I'm sure.

                        A - I'd at least like the kill counter put in place. More achievements are always welcome though.
                        B - I think by the time you've killed 25 Hydras, you should probably move on.
                        C - PvPers don't need any more achievements. Being a PvPer is reward in itself.
                        D - Yeah, they need War Achievements.
                        E - Meh, does anybody really care about Raids?
                        F - Adding streak rewards would just encourage chaining the same person until you get the achievement. At least that's what I'd do.
                        G - Nope. Different Beastys need different achievements. Don't lump them all together.
                        H - Yeah, Siege Assists are grossly underappreciated as far as achievements go.
                        I - I'd rather just have the bonus damage from each completed Class to be stackable.

                        Favor Points
                        A - if 500k is the achievement, then how is that tagging? I do think that the minimum achievement damage needs to be done before any FP's are rewarded though.
                        B - I'd also like to see Item Sets in a package deal.
                        C - PvPers don't need incentives to do what they do... and they don't want Monster Hunters to have any incentives to do what they (PvPers) do either. If anything, PvPers would want SP's, not FP's.
                        D - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OH HELL NO
                        E - They is what they is, and that's all that they is.


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                          Monster Actions, misc stuff
                          B - medals were meant for fast killing thus defensive activity is not added
                          C - so you want energy junkies to forego defense altogether ? i'd say no. defense should be considered in it, not the energy spent
                          D - we use stamina to kill monsters, not energy. allowing massive power attacks to appear because you have enough energy doesn't follow that combo
                          G - useless. that can be done already in the game and some summoner's can be asses too
                          H - useless. the system's better now (and i relish chaining anyone till they die)

                          A - too late, devs have decided on it the moment they implemented it. they wouldn't change the stats just for disparity sake
                          C - increase loot drops just makes monster hunting faster and devs wants us to dabble in it for a longer period of time, not get everything all at once
                          D - boost potions are bad and makes people loss their stat plannings. why boost people to more overpowered levels ?!
                          G - all in due time
                          H - heck, legendary items are extremely hard to get. why give them more purpose for that ? they should be extremely rare but not too much use that it doesn't hurt a player to sacrifice them. also random drops means any drop also. better drops per monster will bore people faster.

                          E2 - again too late, devs have decided on it the moment they implemented it. they wouldn't change the requirements because of click's sake
                          F - again too late, no need to repeat myself. thinking better than devs in that area, right ? swell

                          B - too late
                          H - class levels are going to be going to be overpowered at that point. overpowered means faster deaths and faster deaths means updates getting old faster

                          A,B - raid type multipliers ?! i wouldn't dare suggest that.
                          D - you want more BP, go to the battle page. don't make the raids a BP feast

                          A - increasing generals to level 10 overpowers most of them or useless to some
                          B - again too late, no need to repeat myself. thinking better than devs in that area, right ? swell

                          C - useless, those bonuses can be received from generals already. might as well remove their abilities as well.

                          Heroes, Blacksmith, Magic, Soldiers
                          A - unnecessary, once you bought all the heroes. you wouldn't be returning to it

                          Demi Gods
                          A - in due time
                          D,E - unnecessary, demi points are infinitely farmed in monsters.
                          G - again too late, . thinking better than devs in that area, right ? swell

                          E - and make the pvp achievements easier to get ?! raids are already easy enough, no point in making it more easier
                          H - siege assists are easy and can be done in a day. no point in adding more to it or giving more prizes to it

                          Favor Points
                          A - taggers are a necessarily evil and you can't distinguish a real tagger from a person who just becomes busy at that moment or a player biding his/her time to slay it
                          C - fp are meant to be hard to get, not easily farmed. case in point, the serpents. people are farming them before like crazy.
                          B - general gears are merely trinkets and are meant for people who can buy them
                          D - useless, changing alignment doesn't help you in any way and a chainer will chain you regardless of demi alignment
                          E - again too late, . thinking better than devs in that area, right ? swell

                          op sure knows better than devs in most parts. just great.
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                          the final goodbye has come


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                            OK, now Solkyro, go through and compare what I said to what you said. How many points did we agree on?


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                              Originally posted by VersionsOfViolence View Post
                              OK, now Solkyro, go through and compare what I said to what you said. How many points did we agree on?
                              a lot.

                              then again some of the suggestions are either unnecessary
                              the final goodbye has come