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Hydra needs to be nerfed

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  • Hydra needs to be nerfed

    I'm not one normally to say something needs to be nerfed but the Hydra does. The one I've fighting has about 20% health left with 94 hours to go. It's had the full 125 players since pretty much the start. I've nearly done 2 million damage and I'm third on the list, there's quite a few really pulling their weight. OFC there's quite a few who isn't and have tagged it just in the hopes of getting easy loot. All the weapons have been fired ages ago. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, I see quite a few on my wall who have summoned one and, to be plainly honest, don't stand a chance.

    The thing is between this hydra and helping out the multitiudes of friends asking for stamina assists to help launch weapons I'm 100% tied up in Hydras. My combat rating is slipping coz ofc I'm being attacked all the time but don't have any stamina to spare to fight back.

    We've seen from experience players are not going to stop tagging, nor are they going to stop summoning Hydra's at a reasonable rate so I think the Hydras need their health reducing somewhat or the damage the weapons do to be better because at the moment I really don't feel like putting this much effort into another one after mine finally goes down lol!

    At the very least make it a task which takes time and effort to summon it, at the moment everyone can do easily and they are!

  • #2
    No - it's fine as it is... with one exception.

    I would like the CTA for the weapons to be more lucrative.

    For example - if you were guaranteed 6 XP (or figure decided upon by the community) for the cost of 1 stamina to help create the siege weapon (or whatever - dependant on the stage in the battle)... you would see many more players answering the CTA.

    Lets face it... the Hydra wont go down without an answered CTA... it needs to be lucrative so that players actually look for them...

    Some battles Iv seen the player hasnt even got the Balista yet ... despite it being a mature battle with less than 100 hours left...


    • #3
      The reward for clicking the CTA is fine, maybe it could do with being a bit more but this isn't the issue.

      The issue is trying to get 125 players to pull their weight for a week on a single summoned Hydra to a point where you down the boss. It simply isn't happening from the requests I'm seeing on my wall. Once you manage to summon the weapons it still takes a considerable amount of damage to finish it off and from the ones I've seen so far the majority of players seem to be looking towards the high level guys to just carry on and do it why they go off and do other stuff.

      I think very quickly players are going to join a hydra fight, just like they did with the dragons and DK's, make a judgement call in a day or two if there's enough heavy hitters to do the job then move on if they think it's not going to be worth up to a weeks worth of investment and LOADS are going to fail.

      If that's the point the developers want then fine. If they want to create an elite rank then it's going to work but if they want this game to be accessible and playable by all they need to fine tune the mechanics of the Hydra encounter to be a 'bit' more player friendly. IMO ofc


      • #4
        Just to show as an example the sheer amount of effort involved. 94 hours left, all weapons fired. About 20%'ish health left. Sure it looks like we are going to do it with plenty of time to spare but just be aware of the numbers needed and the amount of effort/time before you think about summoning your own.

        Sungmin the butcher aka Ichigo 2,196,740 dmg
        Bert 2,097,013 dmg
        Mark 1,938,798 dmg <----- ME! Woot!
        Paulious 1,718,245 dmg
        Roy 1,601,636 dmg
        Scott 1,587,265 dmg
        Stasia 1,553,757 dmg
        Joseph 1,442,565 dmg
        Stephanie 1,135,804 dmg
        Bri 1,112,804 dmg
        Janet 1,111,648 dmg
        Anya 924,646 dmg
        Kyung 874,899 dmg
        Anarra 781,742 dmg
        Jeremy 776,309 dmg
        Lord Gollygee 755,793 dmg
        Boss Hogg 754,992 dmg
        [ TDF ] Chris 739,445 dmg
        Stanley 691,277 dmg
        Ethos 667,556 dmg
        Max 462,215 dmg
        Bart 383,368 dmg
        Webster 367,636 dmg
        Matthew 304,109 dmg
        Nguyễn 294,978 dmg
        John 189,493 dmg
        Douglas 172,646 dmg
        Kurloc 103,245 dmg
        Angel of Destruction 19,103 dmg
        Jeff 15,038 dmg

        Levels 60-90 [30 max]
        Allison 1,249,411 dmg
        Jeff 1,111,099 dmg
        paytinsky 1,008,579 dmg
        Galya 945,974 dmg
        Avi 826,062 dmg
        Dorian 783,998 dmg
        Kiera 664,342 dmg
        Coros 656,444 dmg
        Elvenlaid 593,550 dmg
        Inge 499,632 dmg
        Rickey 447,175 dmg
        Mike 379,418 dmg
        No Wun 367,370 dmg
        Kyle 365,066 dmg
        Rivan 345,563 dmg
        Siobhan 248,538 dmg
        Christopher 213,548 dmg
        Orang Minyak 181,098 dmg
        Jon 145,872 dmg
        Jake 126,424 dmg
        Julia 105,114 dmg
        Drek 88,273 dmg
        Chun 75,270 dmg
        Andrea 59,046 dmg
        Wia 48,228 dmg
        Bryan 37,866 dmg
        Alam 21,139 dmg
        Mark 3,344 dmg
        Kit 1,220 dmg
        Sebastian 1,176 dmg

        Levels 30-60 [25 max]
        Sankar 889,413 dmg
        Mark 702,834 dmg
        Matthew 676,615 dmg
        Mohd Hazlee 562,692 dmg
        Eugene 527,405 dmg
        Nick 522,200 dmg
        Robert 509,645 dmg
        Spencer 437,048 dmg
        Mark 437,014 dmg
        Daniele 418,672 dmg
        Kris 401,686 dmg
        Brian 323,659 dmg
        Jon 199,537 dmg
        ChihSin 183,935 dmg
        Pierce 171,347 dmg
        Donald 98,462 dmg
        Katie 95,257 dmg
        David 69,056 dmg
        Mathieu 60,128 dmg
        Isis 59,644 dmg
        Elli 52,856 dmg
        Richard 14,676 dmg
        0 5,997 dmg
        James 3,828 dmg
        Maxime 2,874 dmg

        Levels 1-30 [40 max]
        Miranda 281,195 dmg
        Kevin 280,849 dmg
        Shane 272,262 dmg
        Paul 263,396 dmg
        Jenny 237,577 dmg
        Pat 225,205 dmg
        Jacob 160,480 dmg
        Eric 152,024 dmg
        Butterball 138,143 dmg
        Thomas 134,079 dmg
        David 133,816 dmg
        Piah 97,500 dmg
        Unique 76,936 dmg
        Lauren 68,627 dmg
        Frank 50,055 dmg
        Collin 49,466 dmg
        Horlap 46,108 dmg
        Kaimana 43,462 dmg
        Jeffrey 43,229 dmg
        Mohd 39,475 dmg
        John 37,665 dmg
        Tourmaline 20,917 dmg
        Kevin 19,575 dmg
        Christopher 18,640 dmg
        Chet 12,819 dmg
        Edward 10,928 dmg
        BigD 8,573 dmg
        Kun 8,568 dmg
        Shadow 8,253 dmg
        Ton-Kun 6,274 dmg
        Paulo 5,322 dmg
        Anne 4,332 dmg
        Jeff 3,146 dmg
        Toni 1,860 dmg
        Kh 1,858 dmg
        Silke 1,810 dmg
        Benjamin 1,554 dmg
        Mark 949 dmg
        Linwood 611 dmg
        Dwi 270 dmg


        • #5
          People are learning that there is some planning needed to kill the Hydra. I dislike folks who fail at something and think there should be a nerf simply because they have failed.

          Just because someone summons one doesn't mean one should be able to beat it. One not only needs numbers to set off weapons but people dedicated to opening up a can of whoop ass on it.

          The first 24 hours are key. More importantly the battle group should be focused on just the one...this is one monster one cant split time with.


          • #6
            Well Jim, my team has more than one can of whoop ass, but we just cannot get the last weapon launched. I waste most of my stam going all over the wall helping other ppl launch and begging for help. I think this needs nerfed in the worst kind of way


            • #7
              Originally posted by Jimk View Post
              People are learning that there is some planning needed to kill the Hydra. I dislike folks who fail at something and think there should be a nerf simply because they have failed.
              I'm actually going to win on my first attempt at the Hydra..and I think it needs to be nerfed so please don't suggest I'm saying this because I've failed as I clearly haven't.

              I think it will be anyway. Dragon's were nerfed after the first week or so, check back on your news feeds. Most online multiplayer games do get tweaked or 'nerfed' after released if it proves to be working only for a minority who are in a unique or lucky position. Remember this game is aimed at attracting as many players as possible, not just those types who would feel quite at home as member of a huge guild who raid in Warcraft 7 nights a week :P


              • #8
                The Hydra's do take a lot of work to bring down, but look at the threads that talk about the excellent rewards they give. You can't have it both ways.


                • #9
                  20% Hit Points left with 94 hours sounds like you're still going to kill it way early. that doesn't sound like a need for a Nerf.
                  Wake early if you want another man's life or land.
                  No lamb for the lazy wolf.
                  No battle's won in bed.
                  - The Havamal


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Jimk View Post
                    I dislike folks who fail at something and think there should be a nerf simply because they have failed.
                    You obviously failed to read the first post.
                    Currently Active Monsters (All Welcome to join, just click the links!):


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                    • #11
                      This should NOT be nerfed (as of yet). It is too early to tell what cronos is going to be like in average play in a few weeks. When Keira and apparently dragons (cant say for sure, i wasnt playing then) first came out, there was a rediculous amount that came out, and a huge number of the initial ones failed.

                      We still need to wait and see how many are failing after this rush of people going "what does this button do?"


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by Britomartus View Post
                        ...I see quite a few on my wall who have summoned one and, to be plainly honest, don't stand a chance....We've seen from experience players are not going to stop tagging, nor are they going to stop summoning Hydra's at a reasonable rate...
                        These seem to be your major arguments for nerfing. Consider this though:

                        Give it a month and see what's happening. I'm willing to bet a (temporary) name change to "Filibert The Pink One!", that the Cronus madness will die down within 30 days. We're still seeing the casual players come back to the game, see a new button, and push it. They won't do it more than once, I think, when they realize that they are hopelessly outmatched.

                        As for your battle points slipping because you are dumping stam on Cronus, well...that's just personal choice, ya know? If people are attacking you often enough to hurt your battle standings, you have to ask yourself why THEY aren't out attcking Cronus.

                        Personally, I blazed through Centurion yesterday and today, and will bet at Lt. Commander before the night is through, dropped 1.2 million on a Cronus, and burned 200 stamina on an XP test for red dragons.

                        If you still think the game is broken in a month, THEN ask for a nerf. It's just too soon, methinks.




                        • #13
                          I agree that its too early to tell what Chronus fights will be like after the initial craze wears off . . . but I'm thinking it SHOULD be nerfed.

                          I'm in a battle with less than 100 hours left, all siege weapons fired, and 15-20% life left. We should definitely win, but I'm hating it already. That stupid health bar doesn't go down fast enough to ever notice until you log off for several hours and then its only gone down a few pixels that you might be able to notice but maybe not.

                          From the first early reports, the only meaningful rewards are a few great units. Powerful units are sweet, but not nearly as helpful as best helm in the game or best defensive general in the game. If one unit was used in a duel, then yes the Chronus unit would be worth this effort.

                          As it stands now, I don't plan on doing another chronus fight until its either nerfed or I have absolutely nothing else to do with my stamina. I think alot of people will be saying the same thing after this first wave of interest is past.

                          I agree that the reward for helping fire siege weapons needs to be worth it or people will just stop and nobody will get the Firestorm fired. "Helping your army out" will only get a few people to help, not the massive amount you really need for this to go smoothly.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by Britomartus View Post
                            there's quite a few really pulling their weight. OFC there's quite a few who isn't and have tagged it just in the hopes of getting easy loot. All the weapons have been fired ages ago.
                            I agree with you, britomartus. I'm pretty much in the same situation. The fight list is maxed out but only a few who really go all out. Even the summoner has 3 on the go. Progress is slow and I find it rather frustrating having to rely on so many people to put some effort in.

                            I guess it's great for people who are in Hydra slaying groups but for a lot of casual players it may be too much.


                            • #15
                              Well, i think the key issue is simply that people really don't know what they're getting into with summoning it.

                              Compare it to summoning a dragon...for a dragon you need dragonsbane (likely means finding the 5 parts to make it), dragon charm (total 7 parts), and then have all the eggs. Yeah, I realize that if you're an experienced dragonslayer than you have probably have dragoncharms and dragonbanes all over, but when you're just getting started that's a lot to collect.

                              Compare that to what was needed to summon hydra. Serpentine (4 parts + 2 eggs we all already had, and which we could have made well before hydras were introduced) + one of each again (again, which we all already had).

                              The result is that a creature which as advertised would require 100 people to kill was immediately made available to nearly everyone. Do you think 1/100 people summoned it? No, I think it was probably closer to 1/20 or 1/10, and that might be giving my fellow castle agers too much credit.

                              Honestly, I don't think the hydra itself needs to be nerfed, just remove the need for spam in order to build the weapons.