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Divine Power Analysis

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  • Divine Power Analysis

    I've started this new thread to answer players' questions with regards to divine items since the other thread(s) I posted on and gathered data from have the info getting buried.

    What are Divine Items?
    Divine Items are special equipment which are used against monsters with Divine Armor. They have Divine Power stats/rating that is used to help in reducing or completely eliminating the amount of damage a monster blocks per attack. Merely owning them is enough to have an effect. You can see their Divine Power stats in your keep page.

    Divine Item "Rule"
    An interesting, unmentioned "rule" is that Divine Items does not stack in the same slot. Which means you can only use 1 divine item per equipment slot.

    Say you own 2 Force of Nature, you can only use the divine power of one of them to counter a monster's divine armor effect. Which means you will only use 80 Divine Power instead of 160 in the amulet slot. The same is true if you have Tempest Plate and Moonfall Battlegear.

    Similar to dueling, the game chooses your best equipment according to their Divine Power stats. Force of Nature will always be used over Juggernaut Medallion and Lionheart Seal in the amulet slot if you own all 3.

    List of Available Divine Items
    Generals (You do not need to have them equipped to make use of their Divine Power)
    Amon - 45 Divine Power (Conquest Chest Epic)
    Isidra - 45 (Conquest Chest Epic)
    Aegea - 45 (Conquest Chest Epic)
    Axxon - 45 (Conquest Chest Epic)
    Esmeralda - 30 (Wrath Chest Epic)
    Tyrant - 30 (Wrath Chest Epic)
    Kothas - 30 (Wrath Chest Epic)
    Jaelle - 20 (Wrath Chest Epic)
    Aurelius - 20 (Ascension Chest Epic)
    Jahanna - 20 (Ascension Chest Epic)
    Agememon - 20 (Ascension Chest Epic)
    Dexter the Drunk - 15 (Alchemy from Limited Gift)
    Alyzia - 5 (Ascension Chest Epic)

    Heart of the Woods - 120 (alchemy, ingriedients dropped by Aurora)
    Hammer of Storms - 40 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by each of the four giants)

    Warrior Unbound - 180 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Alexandra, also requires 3 summoner drops)
    Aegis of Kings - 120 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Agamemnon, also requires a summoner drop)
    Aegis of Stone - 40 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by each of the four giants)

    Helm of the Deep - 180 (alchemy, ingredients dropped from Altantis II: Underwater quest, also requires 2 Krakenhide Armors and fighting Kraken/Alpha Kraken to obtain required items to quest)
    Helm of Arcane Energies - 120 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Ambrosia)

    Armor of Redemption - 180 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Azeron)
    Trisoul Plate - 160 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Typhonus)
    Krakenhide Armor - 40 (alchemy, ingredients dropped from Altantis II: Underwater quest, also requires fighting Kraken/Alpha Kraken to obtain required items to quest)
    Glacial Plate - 40 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by each of the four giants)
    Tempest Plate - 10 (6500 Ambrosia demi points)
    Moonfall Battlegear - 10 (6500 Aurora demi points)
    Retribution Armor - 10 (6500 Azeron demi points)

    Keeper of Chaos - 180 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Malekus)
    Force of Nature - 80 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Jahanna)
    Juggernaut Medallion - 10 (6500 Malekus demi points)
    Lionheart Seal - 10 (6500 Corvintheus demi points)

    Molten Core - 70 (alchemy, ingredients dropped from Cave of Wonder, requires Lava Inferno)
    Lava Inferno - 40 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by each of the four giants)

    Dragonform Claw - 100 (alchemy, ingredients dropped by Vermilion)

    Calculating the Divine Power/Armor Effect.

    If you have enough divine power, you will not see the prevented damage message and instead get the one where is says your divine items helped you deal more damage to the monster.

    Based from the Picture:
    Inflicted Damage + Prevented Damage = Total Damage

    Prevented Damage / Total Damage = Percentage of Prevented Damage

    Inflicted Damage - This is the actual damage that you logged in your activity.

    Prevented Damage - This is the damage that the monster's divine armor blocked

    Total Damage - This is the damage you would've done if you had enough Divine Power to fully cancel a monster's divine armor

    Percentage of Prevented Damage - Used to measure the monster's divine armor potential. A player with 0 divine items will know/feel the full effect of a monster's divine armor. Comparing this player's damage to the damage of other players with divine items, we can measure how a divine armor's effectiveness goes down for every divine power used. Using this, I was able to make the monster info below

    Jahanna: Blocks 10% of damage. Decreases by 0.125% per 1 divine power used. Needs 80 divine power to fully cancel.
    Agamemnon: Blocks 30%. Decreases by 0.25% per 1 divine power. Needs 120 divine power.
    Aurora: Blocks 40%. Decreases by 0.25% per 1 divine power. Needs 160 divine power.
    Glacius: Blocks 30%. Decreases by 0.25% per 1 divine power. Needs 120 divine power.
    Magmos: Blocks 40%. Decreases by 0.2225% per 1 divine power. Needs 180 divine power.
    Ambrosia: Blocks 45%. Decreases by 0.2045% per 1 divine power. Needs 220 divine power.
    Typhonus: Blocks 45%. Decreases by 0.1800% per 1 divine power. Needs 250 divine power.
    Malekus: Blocks 45%. Decreases by 0.1636% per 1 divine power. Needs 275 divine power.
    Alexandra: Blocks 45%. Decreases by 0.1551% per 1 divine power. Needs 290 divine power.
    Alpha Kraken: Blocks 45%. Decreases by 0.1636% per 1 divine power. Needs 275 divine power.
    Azeron: Blocks 45%. Decreases by 0.1525% per 1 divine power. Needs 295 divine power.
    Vermilion: Blocks 50%. Decreases by 0.1667% per 1 divine power. Needs 300 divine power.

    Using the info above, let's say you only have Tempest Plate (armor) and Lionheart Seal (amulet) as your divine items. Against Jahanna, you will use 20 divine power against her divine armor: 0.125 * (10 + 10) = 2.5

    Since Jahanna is set to block 10% of damage, your divine items will reduce it's effectiveness, lowering the Prevented Damage to only 7.5%
    *10% - 2.5% = 7.5%

    Dark Rage:
    Dark Rage adds 40 divine power to the amount you use. Even if you have 0 divine items, you'll get 40 divine power if you activate Dark Rage. Currently, only Aurora's and Ambrosia's battles has the Dark Rage system installed.

    Tips on building divine item arsenal: (shortened due to character limit)
    a. Jahanna: 80 DP amulet
    b. Giants:
    b.i recommended to build Lava Inferno: 40 DP magic
    b.ii Hammer of Storms if skipping Aurora: 40 DP weapon
    b.iii Aegis of Stone if skipping Agamemnon/Alexandra: 40 shield
    b.iv Glacial Plate if skipping Typhonus/Azeron: 40 armor

    a. Agamemnon (if willing to tag Gehennas in ToT1): 120 DP shield
    b. Aurora (if not willing to climb ToT1): 120 DP weapon

    a. Ambrosia (weakest divine armor of the 3): 120 DP helmet
    b. Malekus (highest divine armor of the 3): 180 DP amulet
    c. Typhonus (if skipping Azeron): 160 DP armor

    At this stage you should have enough divine power (300+) to break through all divine armors the game can offer, so the divine armors of the next monsters should be of no consequence anymore.

    a Alexandra (to upgrade shield esp. if Ag was skipped): 180 DP shield
    a.i ToT2 Vanguard is a good spot to "come back" to build Aurora/Ambrosia/Malekus' divine items
    a.ii Tag well progressing Corvis to speed up climbing
    b. Azeron (to upgrade armor esp. if Typ was skipped): 180 DP armor
    b.i Note that it has been reported that Armor of Redemption's divine power is not working at the moment

    The last remaining divine items have really steep requirements that they are recommended to be pursued last if your really want them.

    a. Vermilion (manageable monster to kill but tight on epics and world monster slots): 100 DP glove
    a.i Requires 72 epics (68 Kingwyrm Blood)

    b. Altantis II, Krakens (consumes lots of energy and stamina, yield best item in the game): 180 DP helmet, 40 DP armor

    c. Cave of Wonder (consumes tons of energy, very small DP upgrade): 70 DP magic
    c.i Requires Lava Inferno (see I)
    c.ii Higher level runes can be alchemized using low level ones.

    Also, read the thread for some insights on alternative paths and their pros and cons.

    Why skip?
    My tips take into consideration the divine item rule that only 1 DI is allowed per slot. So the aim is to arm ourselves with divine items that will last for a while. Upgrading is best to do later once we have several divine items covering as many equipment slots as possible so we get more divine power as we claim DIs.

    Current Game Standing:
    Highest Effective Divine Power Output Possible: 1055 Divine Power (Amon/Isidra/Aegea/Axxon + Heart of the Woods + Warrior Unbound + Helm of the Deep + Armor of Redemption + Keeper of Chaos + Molten Core + Dragonform Claw)
    Highest Monster Divine Armor Rating: Requires 300 Divine Power, 50% Block, 0.1667% reduction rate (Vermilion)

    If you have questions or data of your own that can support or refute the ones presented, feel free to post. For those who are still confused, feel free to post you numbers and divine items owned so we can analyze.

    Other comments and stuff are also welcomed.

    Link to other thread:

    Many thanks to those who have helped me gather data for this.
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    ahh nice

    I had to look over a few post to pieces all this together


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      bump it for first page.I was looking for this.


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        Thanks for the valuable info. Now I understand more.


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          wow thanks for putting a polishing touch to it! very nice read....needs a sticky IMO


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            Nicely done. If there are no objections I've added a link to this in the Info Threads sticky.
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              Good move Mursilis. With all this new stuff going on it's hard to figure out what to do next. I have a lot of legendary parts that need other parts. Instead of going that route I think I will work on what the OP says. Starting with Jahanna then on to the two BIS items. Seems to be the new must have stuff. I'm fighting a magmos now with only 20 divine power its an up hill battle even though im in top 3 and its 1/2 dead. If this guide and wilbur07 legendary guide could have a baby id want one lol. Thanks Barnie
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                I know the feeling, only divine items I have are from the demi-power blessings. Time to start working on that apparently, and this guide helps point me in the right direction.
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                "The universe is already mad, anything else would be redundant" - Londo Mollari


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                  nice summary Barnie
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                    really nice guide, thank you ^^


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                      This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

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                        Nice guide, much appreciated


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                          This is very informative. Thanks a bunch.


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                            This was sooo helpful, thank you. Didn't realize my puny attempts vs giants was because of super low divinity.


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                              good guide!