Do you love to battle? Are you looking to join a guild for the first time or is the guild you are in not to your liking?
Dark Rebellion has much to offer! We are a top-tier Alpha Vanguard guild and love 100v.
In battle we rank in the top 0%-5% and in the top 6%- 20% in monsters.
We prefer lower levels willing to grow with us; however, there are no level restrictions.
We have earth defensive battles and hold our mist lands so guardian points are easy.
Our battle times for 100v are 2, 8 and 2 Pacific time (the 1/2/3 slots) and we have Classic battle every day between 4 pm to 6 pm Pacific.
We are looking for active players and more than one acct. is acceptable.
If you are interested check out our guild home page here --we think you will like what you see!
Dark Rebellion.
Click the 'view members' list and wall post to Bj Puppystuffs our Guild Master or Officer Kirke Vivimancer.
Or contact via Facebook