Ankle Biters, Inc. - We Just lost 2 Great Players that gave us their all. Real Life kicked in and they had to depart. We were hanging Alpha in Fest at #39 (Currently Vanguard #10, but when we get our Activity back up to Par, that will change, for sure) We lost our Friends and so many others became inactive because of them leaving. Sooooo...We're recruiting... Fest at 12 Noon Eastern 10 GBs a week, alternating days, 5:30 am eastern and 8:15 pm Eastern... on the alternate days and weekends... 2:15 pm Eastern. LoE and LoM experience needed as well. We do NOT Farm Battles... we Kill or be killed. We have a Reasonable Monthly Activity Quota. We have a Great Group of People... if interested Friend up with me, Lorie MacDonald