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Thread: Can't log in on iOS

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    Default Can't log in on iOS

    I'm no longer able to log in on iOS for some strange reason. The message I get back is Error: Login Failed! I use the same user name and password on web3 on my computer and it works just fine but the phone app is broken. This just started yesterday. Anyone else?

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    I can log in, but starting yesterday I’ve been experiencing intermittent issues accessing thing’s in iOS. Like right now - I can’t get into battle. I’ve swiped up to clear the App from memory. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still just get a black screen. Had that happen yesterday too.
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    I can’t log into Facebook via iOS. It says Facebook session expired. No one seems to have a legitimate answer on how to fix it and support doesn’t email me back. So I’m posting here. I refuse to lose a well invested iOS account so I’m not uninstalling and reinstalling castle age. What can I do to maybe fix the issue. Web3 won’t let me log into my Facebook account either saying Invalid LogIn credentials

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    Are these issues still occurring for you all?

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    It continued today so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It's working now

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