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Thread: land of earth error?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixpence View Post
    i am getting same error as OP. repeated clicking of the guardian button results in some successful tries and other "you cannot defend your tower if you have not opted in".
    I'm having this problem too, except the message I get is, "You cannot help your guild if you are not a defender!" I see guardians in the land, so someone in the guild was able to defend properly at some point during the current battle.
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    I am experiencing the same thing. Sometimes the "not opted in" message, and never any blue crystals when I would at least get a couple. Guild XP doesn't seem to budge with any effort our guild exerts.

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    Yeah, it's broken. I'm having the same problem with LoE defense, and also on Enemy Lands. We ARE engaged in those battles and others have been able to use tokens in them. But I keep getting those messages "You cannot help your guild if you are not a defender" and "Your guild has not opted into this battle". WTF are they doing to our base code?

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    Same error when using healing

    You cannot help your guild if you are not a defender!

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    same issue here "You cannot help your guild if you are not a defender!" I'm part of the guild, defending a tower and the guardian button is available, but not working.

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    Yeah, not being able to attack or defend in LoE is a bummer. Need LoE for Campaign tasks.
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    Appears to work through Facebook, but not through web3/4?

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