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Thread: monthly events that do not favor LSI builds

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    Fair enough, then best thing to do would be award participants with best prizes due to their activity + players with more levels (players who have been playing for 5+ years, for instance). Making event so that player who has been playing for a long time and is bigger level getting better prizes, but also requiring his activity. It's totally unfair if new player starts participating, tries hard for days and week based on his level and still gets almost nothing, while some big level guy enters & plays just one day and gets everything. So yeah, I think it will be better to require both, rather how it's in a current state. Let's don't argue that currently these events are mostly for LSI builds, for same players, for their stamina and energy. Yes, sure, players with lots of years should be awarded better than newbies, but not like that, not because of that they were building their stamina and energy well. What about players with 5+ years but with PVP builds? Why they should be in shadows and getting same crappy rewards? Just because they prefer PVP over monster hunting? Is it fair that someone who created account months ago and started LSI build will get better rewards than someone who played game for years but has less energy and stamina because of his PVP build?
    Yeah I agree with most of what you said.

    Only thing that isn't true is that some players just "play one day and get everything". It's just that if you have an very high LSI build, you don't have to pay as much. You can get things for free or almost free, while a PvP build would have to pay potentially huge amounts of money for the same result.
    But the time invested would be the same.
    Those guys at the top of the Meteorite Leaderboard spend all of their free time on the game. Some take vacations to be able to play enough to get there. The amount of time and dedication they put in is insane.
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    Deathmatch! Deathmatch! Deathmatch!

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    WHAT IF...

    Instead of a World Monster, CA posts somebody's keep link in that box twice a day. And the person to kill them WINS!!!

    Even better if that somebody is always zergy.
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