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Thread: Suggestion for my warrior build

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    Default Suggestion for my warrior build

    I'm in a bit complicated situation and need suggestion for my warrior build. I'm using whirlwind, confidence and shout abilities:

    My build is following:
    Main: Guinevere
    Second one: Meekah
    Third one: ?

    My first and most leveled general is Guinevere. Second one is Meekah and third one I can't decide between Attilius, Deienera or Aurora. Attilius increases whirlwind damage to neighbors, Deinera increases damage dealt and Aurora increases your attack on your every 4 health and also gives you some extra health. I also have quite a big health for my level (over 10 000 in guild battles). My attilius is 3 stars and 31 level (as we know third general stats don't transfer well, so his 3 stars make not much difference), my Deienera is 1 level only and I doubt I can level her up, because I still need A LOT red potions for my Guinevere, which is 45/54 level, so this means when I will get red potion I will use it on my main general, so leveling up Deinera will be postponed for a long time... Same goes for Attilius, as he's also aggressive general. Now, Aurora is defensive hero and she's 24/26. So, what should I do now? Should I use Aurora as my third general temporarily and then in the future when I get enough potions and everything, replace her with Deienera? Or stick with Attilius? I don't know what to do... or maybe hunt for some chest hero?
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    Aurora won't help you deal more damage. Only pick her if you want to win more duels, rather than deal more damage. Although she's also not that great of a general for pure PvP strength. If you want to win more duels, you should probably pick Remiel or Brakus instead.

    Now Deianira vs. Attilius.
    It's very easy. Equip Guinevere - Meekah - Deianira, attack a target, and see how much dmg you deal in total (main target + side targets).
    Now Equip Guinevere - Meekah - Attilius, attack the same target, see how much dmg you deal in total again.

    Although you should have Meekah at max Confidence before doing this test, otherwise you'll have 1 additional Confidence stack with your second alliance. Or maybe just remove Meekah from your alliance before doing the test.

    Deianira vs. Attilius may also depend on whether you prefer doing more dmg to the main target or to the side targets. But that's only up to you.

    I think Attilius will be better overall, also because you can promote him easily. But this kind of question is always much more easily answered by simple tests.
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    Its also useful to use a Grombeard alliance for your first token in a battle, to maximize Shout's dmg bonus for the rest of battle.
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    if you really want to become a hard core warrior. i (and most of forum members) will be happy to give some advis and stuff.
    but this kinda requires you to start building load-outs and general alliances, things you are not happy to do :-)

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