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Thread: Few questions about monster damaging

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    Default Few questions about monster damaging

    It says "Svarog, the Magmapede's Carapace 1 has prevented 81,237 damage with their Fire Resistance, you must remove armor and weapons with Fire Offense to do more damage!", however at the end, it also says "Your superior Fire Resistance allowed you to completely bypass all of Svarog, the Magmapede's Carapace 1's guards!". So, I don't understand, did I give him full damage or it still prevented some of my damage? If it prevented, than how I bypassed all his guards?

    Also, I don't understand, it says that Svarog's carapace's fire resistance prevented damage from me (so, I shall equip more better fire pierce items, right?), however it tells me to remove my fire offense weapons. I'm so confused... Shall I add more fire pierce, or do opposite as it says and remove?
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    You gotta do what it says.

    In the beginning you need to have fire resistance and no offense.

    If you didn't have the fire resist then the svarog would've summoned a minion that would have also prevented damage.

    I think that once you kill the non-main parts in Svarog you're gonna need fire offense to do extra damage.

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