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Thread: Make Legendary Gems great again

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    Default Make Legendary Gems great again

    Just for perspective here, I get few legendary gems. I try to complete the hard campaign top row, and will sometimes do one of the monsters, if it happens to be something I'm hunting. I've too much else to complete in CA and not enough budget to do it all.

    As a result I will craft a legendary gem about every 5 months ish. Others in my guild will create them even less frequently, maybe 1-2 a year max. Bigger spenders will churn them out constantly, but that's their prerogative and I don't try to compare with these guys anymore

    The point here is that getting a crap legendary truly sucks. To spend months and months on a task, then receive something that's worse than the epic gems you have is galling at best. For me the last 2 have followed such a path, offering "abilities" such as poly increase, evade increase and ww damage, all vital for a hardcore cleric like me -_-

    So, suggestion wise could we please introduce a legendary gem alchemy? Something to at least take the sting off and not confine months of work to the CA dustbin in seconds of making it?

    My initial thoughts would be either 3 legendaries to create one new one, or an alchemy where one legendary can "break down" into maybe 2 epics?

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    I don't even have a Legendary Gem yet and I already know how bad it's going to feel when I get a crappy one.

    We should be able to break down a Legendary Gem into 500 Legendary Shards, or better as you said, into 2 Epic Gems. This would also give us a shot at "rerolling" bad Epic Gems into better ones.

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    the ideer is great. i have one question: have any of you ever seen the devs make a game improvement that "saves" players fp/money ?
    they want you to hunt for a new one. it is like the ideer of demoting generals and maybe get some of the used crystals back. also a great ideer but will also never happen. they want you to hunt/pay for new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansa View Post
    have any of you ever seen the devs make a game improvement that "saves" players fp/money ?
    They did make the Unbind Stone much easier to obtain Through Colosseum which is a completely free feature.

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