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Thread: Servers crashing? Graphics not loading

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    Tried on 2 laptops FB and Web3. Graphics loading only about half of images. Hard to even play game right now. Started about 5pm PST

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    Ditto for me too, I just assume a new event coming up for Halloween ;-)

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    Same here, but it's not as bad now, but i can't find the purchase/offers on the oracle on my new account.

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    Glitchy graphics and something amiss with dmg rune as it's giving different dmg on same target with same loadout

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    Everything is dead. FB, iOS, Web3, Web4. All of them are screwed up

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    the game is unplayable. it is just getting worse. i get a black login screen in web3 and web4.
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    Those of us that rely on web3 are finding the game virtually unplayable, fixing this needs to be a high priority, thanks.

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