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Thread: CA monsters summon glitch

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    Default CA monsters summon glitch

    You use to be able to summon mpool=2 (SS, dragons, etc) and mpool=101 (varg, sam, asta, big beasts, etc) monsters at the same time, b/c they are using different summoning slots. Now, you can only summon one or the other. Somehow, in one of CA brilliant updates, CA programming codes misinterpret mpool=2 for mpool=101, and vice versa. For example, if you have a Sea Serpent active, then you can not summon a Vargulis. If you try to summon a Varg with a current alive SS, CA will give you a message that you already have a monster active. This is quite annoying especially during monsters hunting events. Monster events are when it is time you want to summon as many monsters as you can, to share with public list or with private hunting groups.

    I have reported this to CA CS desk many time but they never bother to fix or give a run around answer such as we are researching into it. I find it odd that CA folks do not want to fix this when it is in their best interest to have people kill as many monsters and buy refills.

    Could the green Ghost PR man or a mod please remind the Ghost man, to give CA tech folks a few pokes in the rear on this issue please?

    Thank you
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    I'll bring this to them.

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