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    Default Bring back dungeon

    Anybody remember the dungeon? It made one appearance and never came back. It was a great source of extra skillpoints and was kinda fun. So it's about time to bring it back for more skillpoints awards and other prizes!

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    I do, been waiting for its return, as I was pretty low level/low energy and did not get far, kind of want a revenge, but don't think it's coming back because it was done under different owners...

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    The lower minion monsters from Dungeon are re-used in Cavern of Time (get the play on the name? see what the devs did there?).
    Unfortunately, the mechanics and rewards for CoT are of epic failure.

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    Dungeon was fun because it was a timed event, and you really had to plan on having a good connection before making an attempt. Also you had the option of spending favor points to extend the time if your stats weren't good enough to complete it on your own. It was a good investment. I gained a lot of skillpoints from the event.

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    The problem with dungeon was that your success or failure in it depended entirely on the quality of your internet connection. If you didn't have a super high speed internet connection there was no way to get to the top rewards even with lots of spending. It was fun for a little while but I doubt we'll see anything like it again.
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    May as well bring back Heart of Darkness, and just incorporate it all into CA.

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