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Thread: New General - The Reaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by pull lead View Post
    I still want a general that reduces gained experience so we can use all our stamina and energy prior to leveling up.
    Because you are doing it wrong.

    1. You use the level up calculator
    2. If you are likely to level up, then use stamina first
    3. Then go back and use the level calculator a second time BECAUSE half the time you will face XP shortfall from stamina usage; the other half of the time you will exceed XP from stamina usage
    4. Then adjust XP from quests so you can level up; if you got too much XP from stamina, then trade essence, work on energy conquest path or burn energy, e.g. 300 Energy heal when you need 1 XP to level up; if you faced XP shortfall, then start doing high XP to energy quests, use 10 energy pots, or wait for more regen.

    XP shortfall from stamina usage is the number one reason you donít level up per the calculator. Burn energy or using excessive energy when you have low XP to level isnít a problem as the excess XP are credited to your next levelís quota. Suppose I need 10,000 XP to level up; and I use Barb to heal for 600 energy to get my last XP to level up and game awards me 600 XP. That means I only need (10,012 - 599) XPís to level up for the current level.

    This assumes no MK. Yet another reason why you cannot use sixpenceís rule of 84.

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    A general who gains no experience when using energy or stamina would be great! There are many various reasons to keep average level in the guild lower so it would help my minis even moreso. But instead of wasting 6-8 thousand energy every level up i could use this general and not waste any at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixpence View Post
    A general who gains no experience when using energy or stamina would be great!
    Ladies and Gentleman

    We have our special ability for the upcoming zserg general.

    Thank You. Thank you very very much.

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