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Thread: 10th Anniversary Festival - Coins drops with Stamina and Energy

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    Default 10th Anniversary Festival - Coins drops with Stamina and Energy

    So what's the best use for Stamina and Energy in this event?

    I haven't really had the time to hit anything besides the Moonlight Dragon yet.


    I've heard 100 stam guarantees a drop.
    Does anyone know whether the x2, x4 and x10 drops are completely random, or can you get a bigger chance at more Coins with bigger than 100 Stam hits?
    For instance, is there any amount that can guarantee a x10 drop, like a 600 stam hit? Or will it remain random no matter what?

    Also are hits under 100 stam really bad? I'd rather use Barbarus first when hunting, but if 60 is not good and 150 stam gives the same chance as 100, it's annoying.

    Energy - Healing monsters & Questing

    Same for Energy, is there an amount that guarantees a drop, and if you go above, do you have a better chance at bigger drops?

    Also, for the same amount of Energy, is Healing better than Questing (or the opposite), or is it the same chance?

    Thanks for your answers

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    7300+ energy yields about 200 coins for me

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    I can only confirm that 100 stamina gives coin drops every single time. Seems random whether its 2, 4 or 10.

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    Tested 60 stam hits, got 29 drops out of 43 hits which is a 67.4% drop rate.

    This is a small sample, but I believe this event works in the same way as Meteorite: drop rate linearly related to stam/energy used.
    Though I can't be sure yet.

    I got a very small amount of x10 Coins drops, actually just 1. While x2 and x4 seem to have roughly the same drop rate for now (got 16 x2 and 12 x4).
    Idk whether I got bad lucky on x10 or whether it's just a really small chance.

    About Energy, 200 Ene Heals seem to have a 100% drop rate. I got 20 drops out of 20 heals.
    Overlord on Discord said he gets a drop every time with 100 stam and 200 ene, I think we can take his word for it

    With 120 Energy heals, I only got a 44% drop rate, but it was only 25 heals, so the data sample is even smaller than for stamina.
    If drop rate is linearly related to energy usage, I should get a 60% drop rate with 120 ene heals. I'll see how it evolves, but in any case I'll probably go with 200 ene heals.

    However what I'm most interested in is the drop rate from questing. Haven't collected any data yet.
    And it's annoying to do with smaller energy usage, but the quests requiring the most energy are the latest Boss quests and they give very bad XP (I think the biggest quest is the very last one, 150 Ene for 125 XP... Not going to test anything with that).

    If the drop rate is the same from healing mobs and from questing, questing is definitely better than wasting Energy on Heals on full Health mobs.

    Does anyone have any data on this?

    For instance if you're doing Excavation quests, would you say you're having a 25% drop rate on it?
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    Ive been questing, and drops seem random.

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    Oh look...

    I liked predicted or like most of us predicted: Overlord in in first place.

    What a surprise .... NOT!
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    spent 3k stamina on a 100 hit... all i got were only 2 anniv coin.
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
    Pls do not hurt me... coz i know someone who knows someone that knows someone who can hurt you.

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    Right now I'm on track to be able to buy one color potion for every full stamina potion I've had to consume.

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    anyone know how many coins drop with 3x200 attack?

    just used 3951 energy with 40 heal /50 rune quest only got 7 drops, if used with 200 energy heal, I sould get 3951 * 1.075 / 200 = 21 drops...

    the drop rate of 60 stamina att seems ok

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    Spent more than 9000 energy mining. Way less than 25% drops. Maybe 10-15%

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