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Thread: Not letting me buy FP

  1. Default Not letting me buy FP

    I keep my old I phone 4 around so I can still buy FP but all I am getting now is a message that it can't connect to the I Tunes store. I'd like to get the current promo pack since getting the bonus general is about the best I can expect to get as far as deals go.

    All my payment info is current, the device is authorized, and I'm signed in properly.

    All I have is web3 accounts now since I don't have a apple product besides this old phone and buying on web3 seems to be impossible.

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    You can try using an iTunes gift card. Purchase online (amazon or something) and add it to your account.

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    That still wouldn't connect me to the app store from the app though.

    Just wish they would put out a android version and solve the problem for people that have had to get a new phone and don't have the money for a apple product.

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