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Thread: What debuffs are there in GB, 10v, etc?

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    Default What debuffs are there in GB, 10v, etc?

    1. Congrats to Dan for winning the popular vote & The Reaper for coming in 2nd. I canít believe so many people like my idea to come in 3rd ... so thank you for supporting me! This is what happens when you donít have a FB account (besides not being able to join guilds like VoV).

    2. To help better understand the new Hero, here are some debuffs that came to mind (in no particular order):

    Class Power
    Mage: Confuse & Poly
    Rogue: Poison & Lacerate & Cripple

    Specific General Powers
    Amon: Sunder
    Jessika: Poison Splash
    Caewen, Kroma, Andraste, & St Viscus: Runes
    Nax the Blight: Atk Rune

    I did not spin for a lot of Chest Generals so some debuffs may elude me.

    IMO, the biggest debuffs are: Confuse, Poison (with Poison splash), Poly & Sunder.

    Donít underestimate the effects of poison due to the ability to own a 8* Aeythx & Maw of the Void (both are works in process).

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    I'm curious to see the devs try to implement this ability correctly.
    Especially concerning splash debuffs.
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    Cripple is the Rogue ability similar to Sunder. Then there's Intimidate, which removes buffs and may steal tokens.

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