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Thread: My monster was not published publicly

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    Default My monster was not published publicly

    With a day left in the latest Meteorite event, I summoned a Leviathan of the Void to get a gold medal. I did 100 million plus damage and then made it public. Except, it never showed up on the public monster list and so I lost the chance for the gold. zg3n3mcm4:3 is my code and I even published the code in several public monsters in the chat message and still no one joined. No one can say, maybe no one wanted to join when just 15 minutes ago there are 2 Leviathan of the Void that are listed publicly and are being joined. How do I report this problem?

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    OK, Nevermind...I see 40 views but obviously none that has knowledge of how to fix this...I will just take the 2000 plus stamina used and accept defeat. This game no longer has the appeal it once did. I used to participate in 3 guild battles a day and 3 10 v 10s per day, now I just do one 100v100 and 80% of the time the opponent is not active. Boring. And those monster hitting events that used to advertise a specific Hero as a prize are much more desirable than lumping 5 heroes into a chest and giving you a 1 of 5 chance to get your hero of choice. I'll continue to play until the end, but will not support the game. I am not a 10 year player, only an 8 year player.

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    I know you might not see this but... I just summoned a monster for the first time in months... did my damage and then posted it on FB. Went to bed figuring a few people would have hit it but nope... got a guild member to hit it and CTA it... day 3 I posted it here on the forum and still nothing.

    One of my guildmates told me I had to make the monster Public... which confused me since posting a CTA did that. Then I looked at my monster and just after the summon code was a spot that said Public. I clicked it, read the pop-up and said "yes, make this monster public". Now that spot says Public Active... hopefully someone joins in but at least next time I feel like killing a monster I will know what to do. Walking tall and carrying a big sword. Naked because armor chafes. Hey! I was talking about a shield, ya perv!

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