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Thread: You have got Wraith King x1

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    Same issue for me, had to overhit on my monsters as the public ones died too quickly and it was hard to even hot at times because of this

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersionsOfViolence View Post
    This is why I didn't push so hard for top1k. Another WK would have had me smashing my phone repeatedly.

    I like guaranteed prizes, not random crap.
    Keyboards. Go for keyboards. Once I discovered you can buy replacement keyboards at thrift stores for $5, you have no idea the soothing therapy that comes from hearing shattered pieces of plastic, and 101 little plastic keys flying and bouncing around the room, once you're finally done beating the keyboard repeatedly against the table.

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    I would argue that investing in a punching bag would be more financially and environmentally sound.

    You can punch it, kick it, ram your head into it, etc. It won't break, it won't cause more garbage, it won't cost you any more money.

    All while still providing you with much desired anger relief.

    (alternatively you could invest in anger management classes but who wants to do that?)
    "Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a night. Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life!" - Rev Sim

    "Gratuitous acts of senseless violence are -my- forte!" - Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by baoyutaohuagong View Post
    I have to agree, I encounter this problem every meteorite event.
    Lack of monster - forced to hit a monster for > 600m - 1b dmg. (Not good to finish guild monsters within 167h - may result in being kicked from guild).
    Especially last 2 days - Monsters die too fast or problem clicking (keep missing).
    That is why I solo mobs so I have a ready supply and can hit when I want to. I can plan things out so long as no one crashes my mobs.

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    I haven't had any issues finding monsters this event. We do 2 Mist Explores each day and that pretty much takes care of getting my stamina burned. I did 30 stamina refills and 3 energy.

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