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Thread: General idea voting

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    Head over to Facebook to cast your vote for our create a general contest!

    Voting ends August 18th at 23:59 PDT
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    The winner of the Create a General Contest is....

    Masilda by Dan Albright
    Ability: + % chance of immunity from debuffs
    Backstory: Found abandoned as an infant by a roving band of gypsies, Masilda grew up practicing the mysterious arts of her adoptive gypsy clan. An avid fighter with remarkable dexterity, Masilda has become skilled at avoiding enchantments and other sneak attacks. She now wanders Valeria protecting the innocent from the forces of darkness.

    2nd Place: Crimson by The Reaper
    Ability: Death Curse - On attack in guild battles, + % chance to cast debuff on opponent. If opponent is stunned while debuff is active, opponent is unable to be passive or direct healed (no cleric passive or mass heal, no vampire heal). Debuff is removable with Cleanse/Dispel while opponent is alive.
    Backstory: A skilled assassin of the Silent Collective, Crimson disappeared for several years honing her training. It is rumored she even went as far as the Undead Realm...

    3rd Place: Despair by Batw
    Ability: + % chance to cause attacker’s debuff to affect the attacker as well.
    Backstory: Despair grew up in the barren wasteland of Valeria and had only seen war and it’s devastation. Despair was blessed with a gift to remind Valerians to give peace a chance; otherwise, misfortunes will afflict both parties for a long time.

    Congratulations and thank you all for participating!

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