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Thread: Meteorite is back! - August 2019 - Meteorite #12

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    Monkey King
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    Sigh, Wraith King... I need one more to make it a 3* WK. Isn't that something...

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    Thanks a lot for the info Batw - I really appreciate it. And have a great day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogoo View Post
    No. O is level 7622, you can see him on the Colosseum leaderboard.

    Overlord is a powerleveler.
    He has a 7* MK and 2* (I think) Layla and he levels up about 10 times a day on avg.
    If he doesn't stop playing, he's definitely going to be the first player to reach level 10k.
    O = Orlando who is in Reds

    Overlord finished with 8,800 GM which is 26,400 drops. Assuming 400 energy on average per drop, that is 10,560,000 energy. That is a lot of energy for a week+ work. That is a lot of clicks.

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    132 GM - rank 852

    Got MK, so I'm really happy with that. I'm now at 1 WK, 2 Hera, 1 MK.

    Even though this event lasted the same number of days as the last event, I think top 1000 required a bit more Gold Meteorites this time.
    I had ended up with a better rank with less GM last time (129 GM - rank 820).

    Top 25 was also significantly harder to reach.
    Top 75 didn't change much.

    Top 3:
    1. Overlord - 8800 GM
    2. ⑥ⓀPrecious(OིྭOྀ)™ - 4490 GM
    3. Pang{G۞W}≺Պ≻囧ᴾᵀᵀ - 2400 GM

    Last time first and 2nd places were 5858 and 5514 GM - Overlord had been beaten by Pang at the very end; this time Overlord clearly didn't take any chances...

    Top 10:
    1447 GM
    (last time: 1397 GM)

    Top 25:
    984 GM
    (last time: 876 GM)

    Top 75:
    525 GM
    (last time: 520 GM)

    I'm curious about the cutoff for top 1000, if anyone got close to that.
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