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Thread: Meteorite is back! - August 2019 - Meteorite #12

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    Default Meteorite is back! - August 2019 - Meteorite #12

    Gain Meteorite From
    August 13, 2019, 00:00:00 to
    August 20, 2019, 20:00:00

    As last time, that's 188 hours of event or almost 8 days.

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    It looks like they have nerfed energy use on the monsters. At first glance anyway. The write up on it shows only stamina use to collect parts anyway. And a few thousand energy did not drop any.

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    Maybe I am wrong, posts in discord indicate they are dropping.

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    Yes I've been getting them through energy usage

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    Same here, gotten some drops with energy

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    Yeah, I just jumped the gun earlier, thanks for confirming it.

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    Awesome! I was hoping we'd see a meteorite event soon.

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    Yep, this event is cool nice to see a fair drop rate for spending stam and energy (unlike TI, which I've heard had this guy called Ebeneezer Scrooge brought in as a drop-rate consultant )

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    I like the other variants of this event, too, such as the roses and candy versions.

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    It's my birthday event. Gimme free stuff!

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