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Thread: Passive heal, damage deflection weirdness

  1. Default Passive heal, damage deflection weirdness

    Is this working how it is supposed to work? Your Res can be broken without taking damage? Qruc = Me, Opp = Opponent
    Posting from log in C2

    You lost the battle taking 179 total damage and dealing 0 total damage to your rival.
    Qruc's hero power: reduced 66 damage from enemy attack!
    Your opponents Physical Resistance hindered your attack!
    Your Fire Pierce has set your opponent ablaze!
    Your opponent resisted your Water Pierce!
    Your Earth Pierce has crushed your opponents!
    Your Wind Pierce blew your opponents away!
    Qruc only inflicted half damage because of their low health
    Opp lost their power due to being Stunned Qruc deflected 100 damage that you inflicted back onto you!

    Qruc lost their power due to being Stunned
    Qruc has been stunned!
    You dealt a killing blow to Qruc, but your opponent was revived with holy magic
    Opp loses confidence on their defeat!
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    Well that seems weird....never heard of this before

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    It's basically bad coding, you can be WW down to 0 hp, then I coded for mud, we had two functions to damage players hp depending on the use. reduce_hit_points which knocked off x, but didn't call for death if they had 0 hp. The second was hit_player which knocked off x and then called death if they had no = 0. I guess it's similar here, WW attacks don't check the sides up on hitting, while direct hitting even on zero dmg does

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