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Thread: Excavation and Green Crystals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Wimsta View Post
    If we "assume" the 15% drop advertisement is accurate, then analysis is a good one.
    I've just never seen the "advertised" rates reflected in practice when I tested them.

    The strategy has worked well for me in the past, that is why I've used it. It was working so poorly this morning I had to double check that I hadn't confused red and green crystal days.

    My drop % on about 60,000 energy today is about 6%. 200 essence drops for 300 energy netted me 12 crystals. 200 is not a huge sample, but it is significantly under expectations, which has been my experience over and over and over in every advertised (as a %) drop rate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Barathor View Post
    Around 13000 energy spent, collecting every time at level 1:
    2 drops.
    15% my... (several months, same pattern)
    I haven't kept track, but it definitely feels like I got more than that.

    Though I keep not getting any Essence at all when collecting at lvl 1, for now it happened 4 times out of 74 collects. Which also reduces a bit the number of crystals I can get.

    Dokkōdō said on another thread that he was keeping track of the green crystals drop rate:
    Quote Originally Posted by Dokkōdō View Post
    I am interested in my personal game statistic, which I kept records of data for each thing that I am interested. Green crystal drop rate is one of these things that I keep track to make sure it is not too far off from the advertisement. As such, I record all essence collection over the years as well as recent as last weekend.
    I assumed his actual drop rate was close to the advertised drop rate because I thought if it were otherwise he would have stated it.
    But maybe my assumption was wrong.
    It would be interesting to see his drop rate on this, since he's been keeping track of the data for so long.

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    TN... get in here. We want to see this data please. Accio Dokkodo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rezface View Post
    TN... get in here. We want to see this data please. Accio Dokkodo!
    I forgot about that thread altogether.

    I'm trying to remember if I was able to get that message back then. I certainly didn't yesterday.

    I don't use Mist II normally though.
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    #1 it's not nice to be mean to ppl
    #2 nobody cares about da wilbsta

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