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Thread: Can't play Colosseum

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    This new thing Coloseum it's very nice, but give me agravated damage to me and every will play in my timezone, sad CA is become playable only for people of chosen side of the world.

    Without mention all the lag to fix, is an awesome new thing for the game, i play since 2010, but it's seems very sad can't play it, and have none rewards! I can't play in 14 to 17hs of any day i'm working, and the rest 12 pm!

    I would love to read the response of Phoenix age, why do this favor to players of one chosen side and injure the other side?
    Christof landed a CRITICAL HIT on Cronus Astaroth's Earth Head hitting them for an UNGODLY amount of Damage[45,340,883]! Cronus Astaroth's Earth Head dealt 0 damage.

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    Totally agree, the times suit those in the USA and thereabouts, Europe got shafted

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    The game certainly could benefit from throwing a third time frame into Colosseum. We get 3 times for 100X and 10X10 even could do 2 classics if your guild timed it right

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