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Thread: Going to roll for Jera with Free Rolls. How many should I save up before trying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev Sim View Post
    I think it would be cool if Da Wimsta had all four stars. However, I won't wish anyone to waste that many rolls. If you have to roll an infinite number of times to get the first star, how many rolls would it take to get 4 stars?
    You need to roll the first Jera. The other copies can come from the promotion orbs.

    I believe we had the opportunity (for those willing to spend $135) to buy promo orbs during certain promo packs. I rolled the first 4 Jera’s but used 3 promo orbs to get Jera to 4*.

    Now, if you have Jera and bought 7 promo orbs, you too have the ability to have a 4* Jera.

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    I got another Kobo and 5 commons with my meteorite rolls. I will never get hyacinth -_-

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