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Thread: Create a General Contest

  1. Default Create a General Contest

    Hey Heroes!

    Do you have an awesome idea for a general design floating around somewhere in your brain? It's time to get your creative juices flowing! Join in our Create a General Contest for your chance to win fantastic rewards and have your design be put in-game as a part of our 10th anniversary festival!

    1. Create a name, power, and backstory for the General in the attached image.
    2. One entry per person. If you add more than one idea, only one will be eligible.
    3. Nothing that is too fantastical - Make sure it fits within the realm and theme of Castle Age.
    4. After the event is over, we will collect ALL entries (only entries that fulfill the above requirements will qualify)
    5. The TOP 6 designs will be selected by CA team and players will then VOTE on which design they like the best.
    6. Winner of the community vote will have their design officially put into the game!

    Disclaimer: The Ability that you suggest may not be in the final design. We have to keep things balanced and not include super unrealistic abilities.

    First place copy of general and 100FFP
    Second place gets 80FP
    Third place gets 60FP
    All participants get 1x Hero Crystal

    [Event Duration]
    July 30 - August 8 23:59 PDT

    [Voting Begins]
    August 12th

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    Name: Despair (General is a she).

    Power: 10% at lvl 4 and max of 30% chance to cause attacker’s buff to affect the attacker as well.

    Example #1: an attacker playing Muse with Psyren cast confuse on Defender with Despair; the Defender has up to 30% chance that the Attacker is confused as well.

    Example #2: an attacker playing Rogue tries to poison a Defender with Despair; the Defender has up to 30% chance that the Attacker is poisoned as well.

    Basically, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s like herpes ... if you give it to me, then there’s a chance you’ll getting it too!

    Backstory: Despair grew up in the barren wasteland of Valeria and had only seen war and it’s devastation. Despair was blessed with a gift to remind Valerians to give peace a chance; otherwise, misfortunes will afflict both parties for a long time.

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    I would call her azure, she looks like a rogue to me and would give her intimidate success rate + 10%
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    Name: Constantine (defensive)
    Ability: Ethereal = % chance to negate opponent's physical pierce
    Lvl 1: 1% - lvl 2: 2% - lvl 3: 3% - lvl4: 4% - lvl 5+: 1% every 2 lvls.
    Lvl 4 stats: atk 33, def 38

    A former devoted/fanatic cleric caught prisoner during the siege of his monastery by infidels.
    He suffered endless, painful tortures in order to renounce his faith and reveal the location of the underground tunnels,
    leading under the capital city's fortifications but to no avail.
    He succumbed to his wounds and died a martyr.
    His soul is roaming those tunnels ever since, protecting their secrets...
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

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    Ability: Calm in the Storm
    Adia thrives in chaotic conditions. Her ability allows the user to break through Confusion being even more dangerous. X% chance to break through Confusion, +Y% Damage upon victory.

    Level 1: +10% Chance to break through Confusion, +2% Damage upon victory.
    Level 4: +30% Chance to break through Confusion. +10% Damage upon victory.
    Level 80: +80% chance to break through Confusion, +50% damage upon victory.

    Cuz hey, the last one of these screwed Warriors. It's time to screw Mages.
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    Name: Sixpence
    Type: Balanced
    Power: +X% to damage rune and +Y% to health rune based on general level. level 1 = 0% level 5 = 1% level 9 = 2% level 25 = 6% ... level 80 = 21.75%
    Story: the daughter of a slain nobleman this hero travelled to the east and learned how to be an assassin, eventually travelling back west and avenging her father's death

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    Name: Kitana
    Type: Aggressive
    Power: Chance to deal a critical strike (double damage) during Guild Battles. Level 1 = 1%, Level 2 = 2%, Level 3 = 3%, Level 4 = 4%, then +.25 every 2 levels.
    Story: Through her experience as a field medic in the War of the Red Plains, Kitana became an expert on the vulnerabilities of the body. She uses this knowledge to deal devastating strikes to her opponents.

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    general: chain stopper
    type: defense (idle)
    power: stop being attack /chain on battle duel/invade, champion duel and conquest duel only. not working on guild battle , arena and colo.

    please I begging you please stop chain me I know your level 1000+, 3000+, I'm just level 300.

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    Requiem was abandoned as an infant in the foothills of the famous clan of The North Magi Order. Being an outsider they were Unwilling to train her in the dark magi arts, instead used her as a testing instrument with experiments that would often leave her bewildered and confused for days on end. Unbeknown to the order however, Requiem was slowly building an immunity to their wizardry and one day escaped her horrible tenure, when pretending to be stunned following hours of brutal testing. She now roams Valeria offering to share her resistance secrets at a price.

    General: Defensive

    Base ability: When used resists 50% of any confuse spell placed on her. (Ie if the opponent confuse is 80% she will only be affected by 40%)
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    Name:Wim Wall***
    Type: Defense
    Power: The defensive equal to Malekus, defense stats that scale much higher. % chance to confuse attackers on a loss.

    "You gotta be careful when you bang your head on a Wim Wall."

    ***It has been long known that Wim Wall should be a demi-gosh.

    Name: Trump Tower
    Type: unbalanced
    Weakeness: When Trump Tower is equipped players losses 137,000,000 gold per action.
    Power: Player gains +1 attack for every supporter (these are Valerian Guards, Dwarven Battlemasters, and Aecanists (no cap)).

    "Solid move dumping on a gold plated toilet."
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