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Thread: Treasure Island

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    I'm experiencing much worse frequency of treasure chest drops this time than previous events; also, the first day was always quite good for chests, but this time it wasn't (I think this might have been a carry-over from the first time they ran the event and the first day had a higher drop rate?).

    Also, for previous events, the 3 x 50-stam hit technique helped with chest drops, but it doesn't seem to be doing much this time.

    I guess it's just random bad luck, but it feels like the drop rates have been reduced this time (and maybe you now need to do the equivalent of 200-stam hits or higher)
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    Hey what gives? I've only gotten one miserly drop in this event so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Σ View Post
    Hey what gives? I've only gotten one miserly drop in this event so
    When the Event is over, we’ll have enough data to see the changes of this TI vs prior TI’s:
    - first day Event with great drops did not exist (we have at least three independent observations) suggesting the P-RNG was replaced or tweaked
    - drops typically fell based on 1K to 1.5K stamina usage (need 30 observations for Law of Large Numbers to start kicking in) and now takes significantly more than 1.5K stamina to get one drop (on average)
    - the distribution of chest prizes was probably changed or tweaked; I did 30 chest spins and did not get one 3xfull stamina refill, which suggests I was extremely unlucky or the awarding of prizes were changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batw View Post
    It took 6,700 stamina (I counted them) for the next 4 red chest drops. I am having really bad luck in this Event.
    Now, up to 12,180 and only 7 chest drops.

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    First day was fine for me - nothing for the last 2 days despite lots of monster bashing.

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    Chest drops are better today: 4 drops in 1,560.

    I suspect the complaints may have cause the Dev to change the drops.

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    You guys are having rotten luck. I've gotten 92 drops so far during this event.

    Don't ask me how much stamina I have used, cause I haven't been keeping track, but I did finally dip into my collection of acquired FP for the event (which was quite substantial as it was about a years worth of accumulation) as I wanted to do some general leveling.

    I would guess it seemed to be on average of 1 chest per 1K-1.5K as usual, since I never seemed to notice that it wasn't dropping well. It's also hard because sometimes it wouldn't drop right away, but then i'd get like two or three chests in a row. So it just seemed to average out.

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    Drops have been horrible for me. I've spent thousands upon thousands of Stam. Nothing today. Are TI drops nerfed for Conquest monsters (Orc Host, Cronus Astaroth, Thanny, Rats, Levi's)?

    I have mini's that are all Stam and Energy. Sometimes they can level over and over. One dropped over 12K in stam this morning on Conquest monsters (Corvy & Alpha Meph) -- and not a single drop.

    Pretty maddening....
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    Most of the monsters I have been hitting are conquest monsters, specifically Astaroths and Vargs, so I know they are dropping there.

    I couldn't speak as to the others on your list, but the Astaroth should most definitely have dropped.
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