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Thread: Facebook screen twitch/jiggle/reload every click

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    Default Facebook screen twitch/jiggle/reload every click

    Last couple days every click makes the game page refresh and jiggle/wiggle left to right, and the scroll bar goes nuts refreshing itself.

    Not sure if it's a Facebook thing or a layout thing.

    Isn't happening on web3.

    Anything to try? Or anyone else notice?

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    The team is currently looking into this. Can you tell me which browser you use?

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    Firefox - 68.0.1
    On mac using 10.14.5

    It wiggles more in Duel Champion and Conquest Battle than in say the Quests or monster hits.

    Trying to find a pattern, or see if it's the ads in the Facebook side bar on the right.

    Am using a wired mouse with the two buttons and roller. No side to side or roller clicks, just the old fashioned cheap two-button with roller mouse by logitec.
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    I don't think it has anything to do with the mouse. Have you tried a different browser?

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    Just tried with Safari. Seems to be the same jiggle.

    It's not every click exactly... but nearly. Not sure why other than the recommended games and other stuff in the bar also moves on it's own...might be a connection there.

    I am noticing that the jiggle is accompanied by the scroll bar zooming down the page, returning to the top, and resizing itself from long to short(within a second).

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    I noticed a slight jiggle, but up/down but I kinda think it's my phone, playing on web 3 on chrome

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    I think I see what it might be... did you add scroll bar functionality inside the frame for CA in Facebook? Next to the column on the right?

    I don't remember seeing it there before.

    I normally have three windows open on my monitor, so I usually narrow the window as far as it can go to get rid of white space without distorting anything. I see I would need to have it open an extra half inch now to avoid the scrollers up/down and right/left within the Facebook frame.

    It doesn't solve the jumping issue, because it's still happening, but if those scrollers have been moved or are new, it might point in the direction.

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    I took a short video of the jiggle/page if someone wants to see it. Not sure how to post it here.

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    Jiggle still happening. But now, when it starts constantly redrawing the scroll bars, it makes it so you have to refresh the page to navigate.

    Any thoughts on what to try? Does it on both browsers for me.

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    Just to tidy up this thread, it has resolved itself around the same time that one of the CA updates happened. Thanks, whatever that was.

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