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Thread: What is this Bonus Dmg Buff and where did it come from?

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    Default What is this Bonus Dmg Buff and where did it come from?

    You are victorious in battle, taking 65 total damage and dealing 1506 total damage to your enemy.
    Attack increased by 250% from Enrage!
    Rune damage: +884 damage from equipped rune items!
    220 damage from enemy equipped rune items was resisted!
    You Physically Pierced your opponent!
    Your opponent resisted your Water Pierce!
    Your Earth Pierce has crushed your opponents!
    Your Wind Pierce blew your opponents away!
    Batw's hero power: deals an extra 43 damage
    Batw’s Bonus Damage Buffs: deals an extra 301 damage
    Marie-Violette protected Batw for 35 damage and resisted 15 damage
    Your opponents equipped class abilities give them a boost of +4 Attack and +4 Defense!
    Batw inflicts +60 Damage to all Enemies in same tower upon victory
    Old has been stunned!
    +320 Battle Activity Points

    I have no idea where it (extra 301 dmg) comes from. I get it playing Cleric or Mage. I don’t believe any General is giving me extra dmg buff.

    Anyone has an idea where it comes from? Thnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Suen View Post
    My dmg rune is +912 and I got +253 bonus dmg or roughly 27%
    With Jera in loadout, dmg rune is +912 plus +192 (Jera’s dmg buff) for +1,104 so +301 dmg is also roughly 27%

    I did not believe leadership could reach 27%. So thank you for the explanation.

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