The Caverns of Time event will return July 11th, 00:00 PDT and will run until July 16th, 23:59 PDT!

1. Explore the Caverns of Time to defeat monsters and win wonderful prizes!

2. The “Explore” action costs 10 tokens, and you’ll have a chance to encounter rare monsters and challenge them for a higher prize.

3. The “Attack” action costs 2 token. Attacks cause a fixed amount of damage, but have a chance to do critical hits.

4. After killing a monster, you can collect different prizes such as Gold, Tokens, or Enhance Crystals.

5. Every time you use the “Explore” action, 3 tokens will be charged to the Token Jackpot. Killing rare monsters will give you a chance to win up to 30% of the tokens from the Token Jackpot.

6. You will regain 1 token/hour if your token count is under 20. You can also purchase 20 tokens for 10FP.

7. Attack Monsters and Invade or Duel against other players in Battle to gain Time token(Max 50/Day).

8. You can exchange tokens for valuable items.

9. Please redeem for the reward in time. Remaining tokens will be converted to Gold (1:1M) after the event.