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Thread: Jera needing boost due to trundle arrival

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    Default Jera needing boost due to trundle arrival

    I think jera needs a fix/boost after trundle introduction

    Not fair that a “free” damage output general is BETTER than 4 copy of bought one (and chest’s and expensive) AND can also lower my bought one effect


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    I think that the game needs to evolve. New generals have to be stronger in order to make the cost/effort to get them worthwhile.

    But do we even know the actual % boosts for a 1* Trundle yet?

    Perhaps the real change necessary is to Krystalia, to enable her to work offensively as well as defensively.

    But I'm not even sure about that. The game needs to have balance. New generals often make older ones reinvigorated. I can see Hermodr and Krystalia both gaining in popularity. And Rune Stun generals have always needed a real boost, as well as a reason to use them.

    Jera made 3 generals obselete when introduced, until general alliances came along. And that has been quite a few years ago now. In the same chest, Tora was a much better version of Daphne, Kang a better +crit gen, and Mischa a better Elaida.

    But with general alliances available now, very few generals go truly obselete. If anything, there are many more options, giving each battle situation more nuance.

    Obsessive activity needs to be rewarded. There is no "buy it now" option for Trundle, as there is with Arena generals. That matters to me, as I'm sure it does to many forumites.
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    Introduce a critical hit pvp general lol , that'll open up a lot of other things as well with gear and gems

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