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Thread: No points if you don't fight.

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    Completely absurd! I can spend two minutes trying to perform an action and not succeed. At which point the battle is over!

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    Only if a check can be performed of actions attempted, some battles are way too fast to complete a successful action, still baffled when an opponent stuns me while getting a single action to work, just watching the blue spinning ball

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    I for one agree- My husband and sister both also play and 8 battles out of 10 -no one fighting but us - each in their own battles of course. Very unfair of Devs to allow this. I'm seriously considering dropping Colloseum. I will never get above gold status- even if I manage to keep it as always one real high one in My team so we get to fight against 3 or 4 that are unbeatable by the team (if there are any even fighting) while the big level guy does nothing to help - pushes a button and if i manage to win just come and gets his unearned points.

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    Yeah I went through support with that problem- all they basically said was to send a video of the screen -I don't even know how to video a screen - I can take a pic but don't have a clue about videoing it.

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    I'd rather they deal with real issues like tripping and cheaters first.

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