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I said that because it's apparently happening to everyone (not sure though, but it looks likely to me), [...]
[...], so it doesn't look like it was put there by mistake.
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Also, please do not say everyone b/c obviously you have not talk to everyone. That kind of "absolute" statement can lead to misinformation dissemination.
Absolute? Wtf?
It's extremely far from being an absolute statement. It's actually pretty much the opposite of an absolute statement. If anyone takes anything I wrote in this post for the definite truth, it's on them.

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No, I do a lot of essence excavation every week for several accounts, and I have not seen such message.
The 3 players who said that never happened to them, including you, never stated whether you collected at lvl 1 or lvl 4 (or 2 or 3, even though there's not much point in collecting at lvl 2 or 3).
It would be interesting to know.


Here's another "testimony" on the subject, from Discord:
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I donít post on forum anymore, but regarding this: [link to this thread] this is not a bug. Thereís always been a chance of getting nothing if you donít excavate fully. Itís been this way for years.
So that's yet another take on the matter... Since he says it has always been like that.