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Thread: Why a new equipment piece? Can't you just make war banners more available?

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    my perky nipples
    Main selling point... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayrep View Post
    Main selling point... lol

    Nicely done

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    Quote Originally Posted by mystic View Post
    I really resent all those who click sinle and leave the work to one or two peeps and then they collect off our hard work. I think devs should keep track of those doing that and ban them for the rest of the season. the ultimate in laziness.
    Keep in mind, those that click allow for shorter wait times and points to be had for all: active or non-active.

    My rule is if I cannot drop enough tokens in first 2 minutes, then I drop out. Thereís no fun being in a battle if you cannot drop tokens and the enemy Mage is casting a Confuse on me every 2 minutes. There are times where I canít even join the battle until 30 or 40 seconds into the battle and I have already gave presents: Sunder, Poison (at my level, itís 500+ poison dmg per hit), Confuse & a Poly.

    My advice: take the good with the bad; you get points and end your weekly Colo comment early.

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