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Thread: Is the extra WW damage with Titan Aetherforge vs using another weapon significant?

  1. Question Is the extra WW damage with Titan Aetherforge vs using another weapon significant?

    Hello there,

    Sorry if this info has been posted elsewhere, I did a search and couldn't find anything about it. I just want to get an idea if the WW damage from Titan Aetherforge (mine also has a legendary gem with +27 WW dmg in it, so +52 total WW dmg) is significant, or if it doesn't really add a great deal, compared with using another weapon e.g. Astaroth blade.

    The reason I ask, is that for a long time, I have had my attack rune in the blue banner, so I can swap around weapons in battle (mainly use Titan Aetherforge, but switch to Astaroth blade if I need the extra pierce to win, and elite retribution hammer for defense loadout). However, this means I'm stuck using the same banner all the time, and it would be nice to be able to switch to the other ones for attack and defense loadouts and when using specific aggressive and defensive generals. So, I'm now reviewing whether it would be better to sacrifice using the Titan axe (I put my attack rune in the Astaroth blade) so I can swap banners, or if this means I lose too much added WW damage in battle?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    I've seem to find that for me, my regular attack load out seems to do more damage than with Titan Aetherforge but I'm not playing a warrior currently, so it's not something I've checked into very deeply.

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    astaroth blade: +140 pierce. att 150/def 150 titan: +25 wind pierce. att 80/def 80 and both have 2 slots. so unless you have a really crappy damage runes. i will say go for astaroth. the pierce alone is awesome.

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    Ameron + Attilius + Deianira alliance =
    General Type: Aggressive
    +39% damage to each surrounding enemy with Whirlwind, +36 Damage, +18% Damage Rune bonus
    1500 main attack with 2085 each side ww + addition 27 damage to each.
    Flamebound haldberd +45
    To me, the combined alliance means more than a sword.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    I did a crappy experiment (n=10 hits) with a set of WW using each weapon, without any bonuses active (confidence or leadership), and this is what happened (direct damage - WW damage):

    Target 1
    Titan Aetherfury
    1249 - 1049
    1274 - 1073
    1270 - 1069
    1274 - 1073
    1249 - 1049
    Astaroth Blade
    1238 - 1091
    1235 - 1088
    1225 - 1078

    Target 2
    Titan Aetherfury
    1035 - 847
    Astaroth Blade
    991 - 857

    Doesn't seem too much in it (and WW side damage is better with the Astaroth Blade ??? doesn't make sense), so I think I will take my attack rune out of my banner and put it in the Astaroth Blade (and forget about switching between this and the Titan Aetherfury or elite hammer), which will let me get the pierce and phys res bonuses (and red, blue and green general bonuses) from switching around banners.


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    Try the set up with WW generals

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