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Thread: New equipment Category - Medal

  1. Default New equipment Category - Medal

    Just noticed this new category bottom right in the equipment page and reported on monster hits - anyone know anything?

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    There are prizes for the upcoming arena that are medals. Looks like you'll have to pick between an offensive, a defensive and a balanced one as I doubt there will be time to earn enough Honor Points for all of them.

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    Seeing how much they cost though, it would be nice to know what their stats are / what they do before buying them.
    Though that's not a problem for me since I'm sure some will buy them a lot before I can afford one.

    But it would be good to know for the first buyers, so they can choose the Medal they prefer.

    These are rewards for Colosseum S2, not Arena
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    I will get the defensive one, I know that for sure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogoo View Post
    Seeing how much they cost though
    Where do you see their cost? What tab is it in?

    Edit: Nevermind, just saw it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zserg View Post
    I will get the defensive one, I know that for sure...
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll get the Aggressive one, but still

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    Quote Originally Posted by zserg View Post
    I will get the defensive one, I know that for sure...
    Getting the offensive one for cannon/monster hunter and defensive for the lil pvp wall.

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    We now know what the Medals do:

    (confirmed info by Ghost Brotocol on Discord)

    Nothing out of the ordinary, but that's one more spot for a Gem in the loadout.

    Also, the Veteran Feat Medal is pretty much useless, as I see no reason why anyone would use it over any of the 2 others. Except maybe for Monster Hunting. Warrior for PvP offensive, Guardian for PvP defensive, Veteran with a MH gem in it for MH.
    But no one will be able to buy all 3 Medals at the end of this season, so, still useless after all :P Unless they remain in the rewards in a future season.

    Warrior Spirit Medal: 60 ATK, 20 DEF, 1 slot, +50 Physical Pierce

    Veteran Feat Medal: 40 ATK, 40 DEF, 1 slot, +25 Physical Pierce, +25 Physical Resistance

    Guardian Shield Medal: 20 ATK, 60 DEF, 1 slot, +50 Physical Resistance
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    could we get a confirmation if the slot for the new medals take up to epic gem, or it can go as high as legend gem?

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    important factor to know before chosing what to buy: does they take both offensiv and defensiv gems or only one of them. ?

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