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Thread: Can't summon BOSS monster because i have a serpent (TEAM)?

  1. Default Can't summon BOSS monster because i have a serpent (TEAM)?

    When i try to summon monsters I am told "You have already summoned a monster, The Ancient Sea Serpent, or the timer has not run out." Today it's an Urmek - boss. Last week it was an Abom - world. Serpents are team monsters. My understanding is that we can summon one of each > team, world and boss as long as we have none OF THAT TYPE with an unfinished timer. Am i wrong or is there a problem that needs to be corrected?
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    You should be able to summon one of each mpool monster class at a time.

    Mpool=1 : quest bosses
    Mpool=2 : serpents & dragons
    Mpool=3 : World monsters
    Mpool=101 : all piercing monsters & bosses

    Try to see what's going on by altering your monster link with all of the above (one at a time), and see if there isn't something summoned in the slot.

    Weird things have been known to happen.

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    Tried as you suggested and it shows what i have on my summon list. At the moment i have one world monster with timer unfinished. The serpent has ended. And that's it. I don't delete the monsters i summon from my list. I leave them sit until they disappear to prevent confusion. This problem only seems to happen when i have a serpent.
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    It is a recurrent and known conflict between mpool=2 and mpool=101 (it's also been discussed in forums several times for obvious reasons). Sometimes you can't summon from one of these pools because you had a monster in the other of the two. Some other times, you can have both monsters alive, but one of them won't ever go public. A code ending in :2 can show a monster with same code ending in :101 when you use the search box.

    So, if this is never going to be fixed (or until then), treat mpool=2 monsters as mpool=101 monsters - can't have both together.

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    Maybe u have identical army code with someone else, this is a known issue.
    If that someone has summoned an mpool=2 monster recently it could explain why u can't.

    Have someone add u in his army, let him tell u if another name comes up.
    But even if your own name comes up, it doesnt mean the above is untrue, but its an easy test.

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    Got a friend to invite me to their army. Just one name, mine, showed up. And this problem with the active serpents preventing me from calling monsters has happened so far with mpool=1 and mpool=3. If it's been happening for others and discussed before, guess i won't hold my breath while i wait for the devs to fix it, esp tonight while the whole game is crashing, lol.

    Thanx for trying to help. Much appreciated.
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    Well, I'll contribute to this discussion with my version of this problem.

    I have no monster summoned whatsoever, I have not summoned anything in well over a week.

    Efforts to summon, generate the response:
    You have already summoned a monster, , or the timer has not run out on the previous monster you have summoned, try again soon. Go to the Monster Battle Page to engage your summoned bosses and monsters.
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    I have the same issue. After filing a support ticket, nothing has happened. This has been going on for a year now for me.

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