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Thread: Public Monster not going to public monster list

  1. Default Public Monster not going to public monster list

    Summoned a Vermillion over 4 hrs ago and it is not showing up in the public monster list. No one has joined since I summoned and made it public right away. Anyone else having this problem?

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    I think it's happened before. Idk whether there's a way to fix it. Maybe post the code/link on the forums and on Discord to get help.

    Although 4 hours is not that long I suppose, maybe no one has joined yet.
    Public monsters aren't showing 100% of the time on the public list AFAIK.

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    This has happened to me before, not much you can do but wait, mine did eventually

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    Just happened to me during the the Meteorite event. A Leviathan of the Void. I wanted a gold medal on it and published right away and now over 48 hours later it is not public. FT.

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