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Thread: Pierce & Resist Runes

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    Default Pierce & Resist Runes

    You get pierce & resist essence during events, drops from special mobs, etc.

    Time for battlers to have extra piece & resist for PvP, guild battles, Colo, etc.

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    I do think there should be something more customizable with Pierce & Resist, but I'm not certain that Runes is the answer. Mostly because Runes are attached to equipment and I feel an update should be given to Generals instead.

    Or perhaps these new Runes could be attached to Generals, thereby giving Meekah or Evalice some Pierce, while giving Daphne and Halcyon some Resistance.

    Idk... I haven't fleshed out the idea enough to write up a thread, but it has been on my mind for quite a while.

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