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Thread: Meteorite is back! - June 2019 - Meteorite #11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batw View Post
    I won Thane for my legendary spin.
    Good. I haven't opened mine yet, my last 2 have been WKs. I don't want to get a third, worthless copy.

    Would like Layla, but if only life were that easy.

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    Got a second copy of Hera.

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    Awesome event. Got 1 Hera and 2 Jera's from chests
    I miss _=*B52*=_ <3

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    I ended up rank 820 with 129 Gold Meteorites.

    Wasn't expecting Overlord to get beaten. Especially since the Meteorites number for rank 1 for the past 2 events was much lower (around 3k).

    Top 3:
    1. Pang{G۞W}≺Պ≻囧ᴾᵀᵀ - 5858 GM
    2. Overlord - 5514 GM
    3. Doc Roc - 2678 GM

    Top 10:
    1397 Gold Meteorites

    Top 25:
    876 GM

    Top 75:
    520 GM

    Overall, numbers in this event were quite higher than the last event.

    Top 75 was 436 GM last time (and 486 the event before that).

    Not sure what the exact GM requirement is for top 1000 this time? But 120 GM didn't make it. While last time, 111 GM (well, Rainbow Eggs) were enough.

    What rank did you guys end up at, and with how many Meteorites?

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    About the Monster Leaderboard during the event:

    The Monster Leaderboard can be a good indicator that some players are getting tons on Meteorites. But what it tells us is very far from the being the whole picture.

    As already pointed out, it doesn't give any indication of the Meteorites earned from energy use, which can be huge for some players.

    But besides that, I also know for a fact that certain players are using the worst possible loadout to hit monsters, in addition to summoning their own monster and hitting with the Health bar at the lowest possible. Doing this, you actually deal close to no damage (compared to what you'd deal with a good MH loadout) and the results are completely skewed.

    So if you're aiming for top 25 or better (or maybe even for top 75), you really can't trust the Monster Leaderboard to give you an accurate representation of the final rankings, even though it can give some interesting info.

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    I got a WK >_>

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    Got Hera.

    It appears the rewards description for top 1000 and above is wrong, Enhance Crystals were given out (same as last event), not Refine Crystals.

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    Rank 936 with 124 GMs. I got Hera, am super happy with that

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