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Thread: Are you starting to hate Mystic Emporium?

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    Default Are you starting to hate Mystic Emporium?

    ME showed up 275 days ago with the promise of 8* Oracle generals for the masses.

    For an extra 5 FP (each for the next 5 attempts), ME gave you another chance at 2 “different” Oracle generals. It wasn’t long before just about everyone noticed Barbarus, Dolomar & Kath were each incredibly evasive.

    Gaea posted no drop rates or appearance rates of each general. Those that refilled at 5 FP or more did at his or her peril. I guesstimate I’ve spent 1,500+ FP on refills (an initial 1K at the start and rest mostly using the extra 150 each time from the Hera promo’s).

    For my main, I picked up:
    4 copies of Dolomar
    0 copies of Barbarus
    2 copies of Kath (I have 10 copies of Kath because Gaea was kind enough to reintroduce the 2nd 8 copy Kath promo).

    If you make the assumption that I did not make refills, then I am at expectations: 3 generals x 0.00375 (37.5 basis points) chance each x 275 days is roughly 3.09 copies.

    As much as I enjoy good stuff like potions or crystals for gold; not getting Dolomar, Barbarus or Kath is making me depressed. The smarter players with deeper pockets are probably enjoying 8* Kaiser, Caine, or Vanathan as I make this post.

    Imagine the amount of FP that would be spent if the drop or appearance rate of Dolomar, Barbarus, or Kath improved significantly.

    But what do I know??? Hmmm

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    For the other 57 Oracle generals (ignoring Dolomar, Barbaus, Kath or Ephraline), you roughly a 3.5% daily chance.

    275 days x 3.5% is 9.625 copies or well on your way to 7* (or at least 6* coming from 5* without 8 copy promo pack).

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    For what I’m after, I have no issues with it

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    ME did not promise anything, just opened doors to extra copies of generals. I didn't re-roll a single time and I have 1 extra Kath, Dolomar and Guinevere; I don't think I'll ever be so loaded in FPs to justify rerolling 300 times.

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    Not really no, but then I don't see it as a way to get more copies of heroes. I just like the 'free' gold stuff every day.

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    I didn't expect miracles. On rare occasions, I spend FPs in the ME. Mostly, I like using gold to get things. This is within my, possibly low, expectations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayrep View Post
    Kindly ELI5 why one would re-roll in ME when the same generals can be bought in the Oracle page.
    Once you get to 5 stars there is a cap on the Oracle page. This Emporium is used to buy copies beyond that.

    BATW's first point explains the specific frustration he has with not being able to get additional copies of the generals he desires the most.
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    If a general already 8*, is that general still appear in Mystic Emporium and could you buy it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Suen View Post
    If a general already 8*, is that general still appear in Mystic Emporium and could you buy it?
    yes they stil appear in ME. and it looks like i can buy it(have not tryed pushing the bottom).
    if you look at an 8* general you can see on general page page that he cannot go higher.
    so no reason to try and push the button as it will be a wast of fp.

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    I gave up on promoting generals through Mystic Emporium pretty early on. I do still enjoy it as way to get stuff for gold, and to buy green crystals with FP.
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