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Thread: Problem loading CA pages on FB.

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    Well, im tired of Waiting, the same way they didnt help me i assume they do not care about one more player.

    Thanks Fadasmax for all the help.

    Good loot good man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erhrt View Post
    Well, im tired of Waiting, the same way they didnt help me i assume they do not care about one more player.

    Thanks Fadasmax for all the help.

    Good loot good man.
    Maybe try with a VPN to a different location? Opera browser had a built-in one.

    Or try changing DNS servers on your computer to something like: or
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    Whatever this problem is, it is not common or widespread.

    zserg gave you some ideas to bypass the problem if it caused by your ISP playing around with your network access. I give it a 60% chance that this is your problem. It would explain the multi machine nature of your problem and why the problem is not widespread.

    the 40% chance is that you have a software problem with your computer. It could be something as small as a corruption of your web browser. All you have to do it visit a web page that does a drive-by, a drop of software onto your browser and corrupts your browser configuration. In the old days, compromised web pages dropped malware to take over your OS. More modern approaches are just to drop payloads to compromise the browser.

    You could also have malware that is jumping from computer to computer. Often malware will corrupt and change your network settings. So, this looks similar to what happens when your ISP is messing with your connection, except it is being done by the malware on the machine itself.

    Now, there are other possibilities. This could go on a long time.

    The best way for you to troubleshoot would be to take a totally clean machine and connect with a different ISP. Once you confirm that machine is working, unhook everything from your home network. Put the new machine (as the only device) on your home network and see if it works. If it is blocked, it is your ISP. If it works, then it is something on your old machines.

    You keep working down the path, trying to eliminate possibilities. I would recommend that the first step would be to visit all the websites that you normally visit. If something happens, then that is the problem

    If nothing happens, then add one of your non working machines to your current network of one working computer. If the new machine goes down, then you have some malware jumping from machine to machine.

    Keep adding machines until everything is on the network. See what happens.
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    The error came from Facebook, not the browser and not some firewall, so it's probably a Facebook problem. I remember that I used to play a game called Toy Blast. I haven't played in a very long time, so I tried to get into the game. Nope, no go -- now it's redirecting me to whenever I try to go to

    I know that an ex-guildie still plays Toy Blast every day, so apparently, she can still go to that URL. That meant Facebook did something to stop me (just me) from direct linking to Toy Blast at some point.

    Problem reproduced!

    So, I went to

    I looked under Removed (hey, I could've removed it; I don't remember) and then under Expired (there it is!).
    Then, I clicked "View and Edit" and then I clicked the "Renew Access" button.
    Going to Toy Blast still sent me to 4oh4 after that, so I restarted my web browser just in case.

    Then, I go back to Toy Blast, and...

    Voila! I'm back in!


    So, to get back into Castle Age if you keep getting sent to 4oh4 after not having played for a while:

    1. Go to
    2. Look through Expired and Removed to find Castle Age.
    3. Click "View and Edit" under Castle Age to get the pop-up.
    4. In the pop-up, click "Renew Access".
    5. Go back to Active to make sure Castle Age is active now.
    6. Quit and restart the web browser. (Maybe not necessary, but it didn't work right away.)
    7. Go to

    That should hopefully work.
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    For me thinks are working reasonably well again. I had tried different browsers, accounts, pc's and providers. The problem relates to the introduction of the brown background with the two ladies, that was necessary because FB changed things. But as I said pages are loading, and don't get stuck again, so thanks ghost.
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    hi I'm new sorry I don't know how to create new post, why my colosseum always say: " You are already in the matching queue Waiting patiently for the battle to start... " can game developer help me please? thank you.

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