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Thread: Server Wipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinboo36 View Post
    Create a new server where people can start at the bottom.

    In ode to World of Warcraft Classic being released, this game needs something similar. So we can all start a lvl 1, and PVP again ;p like in the early days.
    I would not start this game over, already did it with my mini, think most of the older players would not like this

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    I think that certain parts of the game could be rebooted, without having to create an entirely new game. And this could be done by Gaea just as easily if they wanted to.

    This would include Guild Battles, 10v, and 100v. Create an entirely new version of these that are not dependant on legacy code. It really doesn't matter to players if the new versions have new names or not.

    The b.s about iOS not allowing more Quest lands to be added because of the code could easily be fixed by adding a different section for new Quest lands to be put under. Call it something different if you want, but they're still quests as we know them.

    Each and every monster could be updated and rebooted, as we've seen in the past under Kabam, or Alpha versions of legacy monsters for more advanced players, with the old loot mixed with new offerings. We saw this with Cronus Astaroth.
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