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Thread: Promotion Orbs: not exactly the way I expected

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batw View Post
    Perhaps, the $1,000 comment was directed at chest generals.
    I can't think of a monthly general that could ever be thought of as game breaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersionsOfViolence View Post
    So at a minimum, I have spent roughly $1350 on The Corruption Chest alone, with a high side of $1485.

    Out of all the generals in the chest, I actually use Jera, Tora, Kang, and Krystalia on a regular basis, though mostly Jera. So in this sense, having spent around $1400 for basically a 2* Jera, the $135 promo including a promotion orb, even done twice to get her to 3*, is a value. Especially considering I'll still get full use of all FPs purchased for the promo, as well as other promo items offered.

    $270 vs $1350-1500? That math seems easy.
    Nice summary.

    This is exactly why the Promotion Orb is already incredibly powerful as it is. If it gave a full promotion level to any general, it would be grossly overpowered / game-breaking. Also it would quite stupid, as one Orb could replace from 1 up to 21 copies of the same general.
    And there has already been 5 Promo Orbs available up to this date. It would mean anyone with a single copy of a general could have brought him to 6 stars already, just with Promo Orbs. Give it a few more months (maybe only 2 more months), and it would become 8 stars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasj8 View Post
    I can't think of a monthly general that could ever be thought of as game breaking.
    Numerous spenders would disagree with your view (not that I agree with theirs), but Colo felt so much like a Headbanger’s Convention at times.

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    If/when I can get Layla, all future Promotion Orbs would go to her. I just need to learn to control myself with spending FPs, so that they're not totally gone before the weekend is out. Although, I've got **** to do. So I'm torn...

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