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Thread: T Force Looking for New and Old Members, Join us!!!

  1. Default T Force Looking for New and Old Members, Join us!!!

    Guild Since 2012
    Seeking Active/Semi Active Players
    No Minimum Requirements, Play at Your Pace! Lets have Fun!

    We have 3 100 Vs 100 Guild battles a day
    Spots open for 10 Vs 10

    There is usually a Conquest Monster up at all times. So there is a chance to get a Hero crystal Everyday as well as iron and Lumber.

    Friendly guild mates and stress free environment.

    We are moving up the ranks quickly so come join us and make T Force Great again.

    New Players are always welcome.

    Any questions PM me

    Thank You,

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    Also accepting small guilds that would like to merge with us. Plenty of slots available. Don’t be the loners in a dead guild.

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    Hi Lucifer,

    I am a low level player, would like to join a guild that can guide me building my character.

    Let me know if I can join.


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    Great to have you and welcome!!!!

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    hi, does the guild still have free slot ?

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    Yes have free spots and your very welcome to join. Sent you private message

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