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Thread: Maintenance 5/22

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    Default Maintenance 5/22

    Maintenance on a triple coin day, is simply FeelsBadMan. Especially when were winning...

    Quote Originally Posted by Zaturn View Post
    Maintenance is over.

    You've received 2x Free Chest Roll 1x Full Stamina Potion and 1x Full Energy as compensation. Thanks for your understanding!

    RiP triple coin day Classic and 100vs rewards.
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    yup... just when i had logged in to play gb. :-/
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
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    We were right at the end of our triple coin battle and got the maintenance notice ugh ! I think it was like 5 mins left on a triple coin day

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    I think they hoping peeps quit

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkcrowe View Post
    I think they hoping peeps quit
    and didnt announce?????

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    ARGH! WTH, on TRIPLE day?!?!?! Where was the notice???? RAGGGEEEE !!!!! More times than not I wonder why I even bother with this stupid crap of a game!!!! Wonder what will be missing this time....heroes, gems, equipment?! Geez. Idiots!

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    What are you looking at?


    What's the average maintenance time? When I should I set my alarm to wake up and play again ?
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    This is a bummer... I had both a 100v100 and a classic battle ending on triple coin day where I was going to get around 700 coins.

    They've been good about compensation in the past, so I hope we get something like 2k guild coins and a free chest roll.

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    Well they lost funding they can look back ill never help advance this again and sponsors wont after message out, maintenance every other week? a broke system maybe a boycott soon

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    I stopped spending long ago. If this pattern continues, a chunk of people are definitely planning on leaving & not looking back. This game has become junk. And how is a chest roll compensation when all you get is your 32000th useless wrist band? LOL. #stoptheinsanity

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