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Thread: Has anyone achieved war rank 21?

  1. Default Has anyone achieved war rank 21?

    Personally im on 15, i rarely see anyone above me, so assuming you get an average of 6 points per click (10 stamina spent) to get another 70,000 points would take over 11,000 clicks and a 116,000 stamina investment (which would mean levelling 30 times for me) or approximately 3-4 months of clicking.

    That said, as your rank increases the average click return would drop from 6 eventually down to 1 which would mean years of clicking.

    Just curious if anyone has ever achieved this, obviously its not worth it for 20 skill points and a high kings crown unless you want to do it for the achievements.

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    Nope. Nobody. War Ranks only go up to 15 High WarChief. What you see on the Achievements page is wrong and always has been.

    Instead check the War Rank page itself.
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    thanks for confirming it, so those are 6 achievements that can never be earned, along with the Cronus and Succubus (another 7) makes 13, plus any i may have missed....

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    Given that new devs seem to avoid interactions with older parts of the game, yes, those achievements might never be possible to earn.

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