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Thread: General who does extra dmg against Battlers with Guardian / Sentinel buff

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    Default General who does extra dmg against Battlers with Guardian / Sentinel buff

    We already have Count Malek who awards extra dmg against battlers with sunshine or revive buff.

    Why havenít we gotten a general that does extra damage when a defender has guardian / sentinel buff??

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    This was my suggestion from (almost) 2 years ago in response to someone suggesting rogues should be able to hit through Guardian/Sentinel.

    "I've seen this suggestion several times on here and I agree, they should get some bonus there. I don't think it should be part of their base power though. Did some thinking and the best thing would be to include it as part of Ambush/Backstab. As that ability is practically useless if you even come in to a battle 2 minutes after it's started, it needs an improvement. Keep the normal part of the ability (attacking at full health), but also let the ability kick in when attacking a warrior guarded player. And not a normal full hit, but the bonus of the ambush/backstab itself (the + base damage and damage rune calculation) would go through unguarded. And if someone has Dominus, then that goes through unguarded as well.

    For example, I have Backstab IV (+85 damage + whatever the damage rune part is). Let's say normally I'd hit someone for 700 life. If I caught them at full health, it'd be let's say 900....a bonus of 200. Let's say I hit a guarded player and 500 of it gets blocked, and only 200 goes through. With Ambush/Backstab kicking in, it would be 200 going through plus the 200 bonus from the ability...400 total. And over 500 would go through if hitting with Dominus.

    This makes sense if you think of it playing out in real life. A fresh guard on a player will block almost all of a hit. The warrior is in front of the player. Sneaking up behind on a fully healthy warrior, he might catch you just in time and only your ambush bonus goes through. But if the guard is nearly depleted, the warrior is too worn out and you cut right through (hit someone that has a guard with maybe only 50 left on it and you'll do massive damage, full hit plus full ambush bonus).

    This actually allows Ambush/Backstab to be something rogues can actively use instead of being shelved 99% of the time."

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